Welcome to the No-code Platform for Coders

Low code / no code platforms aim to simplify development – but many run out of steam when you get to the tougher development problems.

Qorus helps you tackle complex automation and integration tasks, as well as speeding through everyday development challenges.


Qorus workflows are designed to handle high-volume process automation. Stateful Process Automation includes automatic detection and recovery from technical errors – such as database down, API listener temporarily not reachable, network unreliable — APIs for handling sensitive data as well as SLA tracking and reporting and more.


Qorus supports data pipelines, mappers, jobs for scheduled tasks with an audit trail, services for event- and API-driven integration and much more, to enable data integration challenges to be solved in less time, with less effort and lower risk than other solutions.


Qorus supports CI/CD through automating release packaging and deployment and by facilitating testing to ensure high-quality releases.​

Data migrations, API handlers, microservices and more are handled with ease using Qorus.

No-Code for Coders

Qorus is a no-code platform for coders. It supports coding as well as wrapping code into reusable objects driven by configuration. This means you can prototype, package, and deliver code objects as reusable, self-documenting building blocks, that you can then combine with other no-code objects to create the powerful apps you need.​

Qorus maximizes code reuse to reduce complexity and ongoing maintenance costs, whilst giving you the freedom to develop apps your way.

Building Blocks not Black Box

All the code behind configurable building blocks and other integration and automation objects is available to you – nothing is hidden or abstracted from Qorus users.​

Building blocks are usually defined as class objects objects, and are a combination of code and configuration which makes them generically useful across many use cases.

Speaking your Language

Choose the best language for the job you are working on. With Qorus, you can code in:

  • Python (standard CPython): AI and data science functionality

  • Java (OpenJDK JVM): enterprise data and protocol support

  • Qore (designed for Qorus): connects Python and Java, allows for full runtime and parse/compile-time language interoperability and for APIs to be shared in all languages

Qore provides the glue that links Python and Java together, so all three languages can import and use APIs from the other two. Qore was designed specifically for Qorus as a lightweight scripting language to safely drive enterprise automation. It includes support for multithreading, sandboxing, and includes the Data Provider API.

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