What & Why, Philosophy
of Qorus

Use Cases For Qorus

No-Code for Coders

Qorus is a no-code platform for coders, because it supports coding and as well as wrapping code into reusable objects driven by configuration as well. This allows developers to prototype solutions and then deliver solutions as reusable, self-documenting components to reduce time, risk, and cost of solving similar problems in the future, as well as reducing the time, risk, and cost of software maintenance of such solutions.

The code behind configurable building blocks and other integration and automation objects is not hidden or abstracted from Qorus users.

Building blocks are generally defined as class objects, which are a combination of code and configuration that make the code generically useful in as many use cases as possible.

Supported Programming Languages

Code in Qorus can be defined in any of the following programming languages:
  • Python (standard CPython): AI and data science functionality
  • Java (OpenJDK JVM): enterprise data and protocol support
  • Qore (designed for Qorus): connects Python and Java, allows for full runtime and parse/compile-time language interoperability and for APIs to be shared in all languages

Qore provides the glue that links Python and Java together, so all three languages can import and use APIs from the other two.  Qore was designed specifically for Qorus as a lightweight scripting language designed to safely drive enterprise automation; Qore supports multithreading, sandboxing, the Data Provider API, and provides the glue that enables Python and Java code to blend seamlessly in Qorus.

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