Robust Operations.

Transaction-sure automation connects business systems and technologies with advanced error detection and recovery to guarantee business operations.

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Operational efficiency.

Streamlining operations and launching customer service innovations fast are critical for modern business success. With growing volumes of systems, data and connected technology, teams demand efficient, error-free ways to connect.

Unreliable integration

Loosely-coupled systems are error-prone, with technical failures causing integrations to duplicate steps, or partially complete. Investigating and correcting these errors is costly, both in time and money.

Unreliable integration

Loosely-coupled systems with high cost of failure

Transaction-Sure automation

Every workflow monitored to ensure successful completion

Transaction-sure automation

Qorus monitors every integration workflow to ensure all steps complete successfully.
When a technical error is detected, rather than just repeating the action which might introduce a double booking, Qorus performs a proactive check of the remote system to verify the status, and then either repeats the action or skips it, eliminating errors and double bookings.
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Proactive checks are performed by user-configurable building blocks, and in case of limitations in the underlying APIs, the recovery action can use a different technology or protocol to the original step.
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