Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence

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Enterprise Automation.

Harness the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science to transform your business. Connect your Python apps to enterprise IT with a no-code microservices integration platform.

Evolve Your Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is accelerating business, from robotics in manufacturing, to personalisation and recommendation engines for e-commerce, algorithmic trading and decision support in finance, and faster research and improved diagnosis in healthcare.

Unlock New Capabilities

Connecting AI and data science seamlessly with enterprise IT and business applications unlocks new ways to deliver customer experience initiatives, process improvements and business innovation.

Combine With Your Apps

Natively integrate any AI, ML or data science solution written in Python with enterprise Java applications, using simple configuration of reusable AI building blocks in the Qorus Integration Engine.Combine third party AI routines, data science capabilities, event streams and more with the enterprise applications and data you use, to create new AI-powered solutions.

Access Any Data

Accessing the data your AI and data science initiatives require can be difficult and time consuming, with data spread across multiple silos, formats and technologies.

Qorus simply connects to data wherever and however it is stored: record-based, database or structured files, through to high throughput data pipelines and event streams.

Manage Your Workflows

Orchestrate individual AI tasks and data science automations with enterprise processes, creating fully managed workflows that span the business with AI embedded wherever needed. Visually build and modify workflows to create efficient, high-performance and easy to manage automations with Qorus dynamic process orchestration.

Employ AI Ethically

As the positive impact of probabilistic, data-driven AI increases, ethical issues arise about its fair and equitable use. Qorus aids the human oversight, technical robustness and safety of AI systems with a testing framework that helps ensure systems perform reliably, minimising unintentional and unexpected harm. Risks can be further mitigated through component and release tracking to ensure full accountability and traceability.

Segregation of sensitive data, privacy by design and data governance are supported by stringent data protection and access controls.

Scale To The Enterprise

For enterprise scale Qorus is deployed as a cloud native application, with container orchestration and a microservices architecture that enables Python-based applications to seamlessly integrate with your enterprise technology stack.

And because the Python applications are embedded in microservices the AI solution scales easily, handling many simultaneous requests to overcome the single-threaded nature of CPython.

Innovate Faster

Support for modern DevOps tools means you get your AI and data science innovations into service fast. Combine AI and integration building blocks into continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) release packages for rapid, iterative, continuous delivery cycles.


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