Build a connected business. Simply.

Transaction-sure process automation that lets you connect your cloud, in-house and operational technology fast, giving you freedom to build integrated solutions your way.

Higher Process Quality

Faster Time to Market

Average Cost Reduction

Unlock your systems and technologies.

Unlock the applications, processes and data in your in-house, Cloud and hybrid applications. Create high performance integrations without becoming tangled in the jungle of APIs, protocols and technologies.

Connect your apps

Whether you need to sync master data between your CRM and ERP, integrate order processing with fulfilment systems, or expose the logic in a legacy application for reuse, Qore’s ability to introspect and interface with any technology or system makes it easy to join applications seamlessly.

Query any data source

Connectors for record-based, database, CSV, structured and multi-record type files make it simple to query data wherever and however it is stored, so you can leverage the growing volumes of data collected and needed by your business.

Unify with IoT

Link IoT devices and operational technology with your IT processes, to drive real-time action from real-time events. With a growing list of use-cases – from IoT sensors for data collection and tracking, to remote management and control, Industry 4.0, consumer personalisation, or smart security initiatives – integrate IoT wherever your enterprise needs it.
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Do it your way.

Rapidly configure and orchestrate transaction-sure operations spanning multiple systems and services.

Configure your solution

Reusable building blocks and a no-code, drag and drop interface give you the freedom to create the sophisticated solutions your enterprise needs; while built-in support for Java and Python mean it’s a cinch to include third-party routines for capabilities like AI and data science. And by combining, extending, or even creating your own building blocks you can flex your integrations as you see fit.

Transaction-sure, always

Combine your building blocks into highly robust workflows – with every process monitored, errors isolated to the point of origin and automatically recovered by the Qorus transaction-sure platform.

Distributed architecture

For quick and easy integration deployment, Qorus is designed as a multi-tenant cloud native (iPaaS) application, with support for container orchestration and management to provide exceptional scalability and resilience.

Qorus can also be deployed on-prem or hybrid – contact us to discuss your deployment needs.

Accelerate your integrations.

Escape the API maintenance burden and costs of recovering from integration errors. Accelerate your integration and development cycles.

Quick start

Whether you choose the Qore all-in integration service with guaranteed service levels for a predictable monthly fee, or wish to configure and manage your own integrations on the Qore transaction-sure platform, we’ll have you up and running – fast!
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Sync with business

Intuitive workflows and process planning lets business users and citizen integrators design the automation solutions they need, while you focus on delivering easy to manage, robust and scalable integrations.

Launch faster

Combine integration building blocks into release packages for easy DevOps deployment with continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) for fast and reliable launch cycles.


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