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Qorus Integration Engine®4.0 is live

We have some exciting news! 
Qorus 4.0 has been released with major new features designed to address explicit business requirements targeting reduced development, maintenance, infrastructure complexity, and operational costs.

Along with global fault-tolerant cluster services enables very high platform reliability, security & scalability. 

Ease of customization & source code transparency for an unrivaled DevOps experience

Extensible building blocks for re-usable, user-driven solutions to allow for low-code or no-code integration templates on Qorus

Process transparency, automatic error handling & cost-reduction features in a single overview

Qorus Integration Engine®Process Optimization Made Easy

Qore Technologies is transforming the world of application & data integration through our agile and scalable platform: Qorus Integration Engine®. Designed from the ground up for fault-tolerant operations for enterprise customers, it features a powerful building-block architecture for easy customization, allowing any IT integration challenge to be solved with ease.

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end-customers serviced
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1 %
reported increase
in business flexibility



A platform designed for complete operational transparency, Continuous Integration, and Continuous Delivery results in higher process quality and dramatically reduced long-term development costs.


High-quality data integration with validated and scalable master data management to ensure secure, efficient, reliable, and low-cost processing in a complex distributed environment.


Automatic technical error handling leads directly to very low operating cost and high process quality, removing the complexity and risk out of integration projects.


Real bidirectional communication between traditional IT systems and IoT devices and applications, supporting all standard protocols MQTT, OPC, AMQP, REST, etc…

Operational Excellence: How to?

Telco Order Management

Qore Technologies Order Management Solution is intended mainly for the Telecom segment enterprises with aim to achieve operational excellence through process optimisation, significantly reduced OPEX/CAPEX and rapid time-to-market of their sales & marketing initiatives.

Qorus Integration Engine®
Integrate. Faster.

We provide agile integration of data and applications in your IT environment with flexible support options to match any business requirement, regardless if it is on-premise, in the Cloud, as an iPaaS solution, or as a hybrid ‘best of breed’ application.


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Qorus Integration Engine® 4.0
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FAQ: Installation and operations

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Qorus Integration Engine® 4.0
Installation Guide

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Release Notes

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