Reimagine your business.

Integration as a service that frees you to simply connect business processes and technologies into innovative customer solutions.
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Higher Process Quality

Faster Time to Market

Average Cost Reduction


Visualise and configure workflows to automate any business process – without having to understand the underlying systems and technologies. Enable your team to rapidly configure new processes spanning in-house, cloud and operational technology systems.

Business your way

Snap together building blocks and workflows empower operational teams to design and adapt processes the way they need. Seamlessly link your CRM, ERP, order processing, fulfilment systems and more, into new ways of doing business.
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Automate processes into robust business workflows, with error detection and recovery taken care of by the Qorus transaction-sure platform – automatically, every time.

Eliminate manual steps

Qore connects to all your apps and data – including legacy applications, data files and archives – so you can eliminate error-prone manual steps and speed your operations.


Simplify processes and implement efficiencies across your business. Save unnecessary time and get more value from your budget.
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Simplify processes

Drag and drop configuration of your business processes eliminates data and technology silos, replacing rigid and brittle connections with fluid integrations.

Flex your workflows

With Qore’s intuitive interface workflows can be reconfigured whenever you want, without the need for time consuming projects or expensive external resources.

Slash operational costs

Eliminate the integration bottlenecks and business choke-points that slow your operations and drain your budget.


Easily combine new technologies with existing processes to bring customer service innovations to market. Launch faster to generate competitive advantage.

Boost customer service

Create new customer journeys and engaging experiences, repurposing your back-office processes and connecting them with mobile apps and automated workflows.
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Develop your edge

Leverage IoT, AI and other emerging technologies for initiatives like consumer preference and personalisation, Industry 4.0, or remote management and control. Rapidly combine technologies and processes to extend your capabilities and hone your competitive edge.

Launch ideas faster

See your integration ideas come to life in days – not weeks or months. Launch your business innovations fast, to steal a march on your competitors.


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