Bring IoT to Life.

Seamlessly integrate IoT with enterprise IT
to realize the full potential of your IoT projects.

Enterprise-Connected IoT.

Rapidly connect IoT devices, platforms and data streams with your existing enterprise IT systems, such as CRM, ERP, financials, HR, building management, Industrial IoT, physical security, and more.

Hassle free integration

Simply connect the growing myriad of IoT ecosystems with your existing IT systems, to turn IoT into the eyes, ears and real-world agents of your business. Link tags, sensors, embedded devices, actuators, production equipment and more – along with the many different platforms these devices run on – to understand the physical world and take action.

Real-world data. Real time.

Seamlessly exchange the massive volumes of structured and unstructured data created by IoT sensors, actuators and appliances.Easily ingest data and integrate in real- or near real-time with any back office system, such as CRM, ERP, IIoT, process control, or building management.

More signal. Less noise.

Overcome data incompleteness, inconsistency and variability in data format. Automatically introspect and connect with batch and legacy back office apps and data sources, for painless integration with the Qorus data provider API.

Dynamic Process Orchestration

Create efficient, high-performance, and easy-to-manage IoT automations using Qorus dynamic process orchestration while protecting sensitive data, employing privacy by design, and enacting data governance through stringent data protection and access controls.

Turn on the Turbos!

Whatever your project, overcome the complexities of integrating disparate devices, platforms and data streams with a solution designed to grow securely with you. And be ready to connect the new ‘things’ that are on your horizon, from predictive analytics to AIoT – and more!

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