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Product Support Lifecycle

Major Releases of Qore Technologies Software are fully supported for three years from the date they become generally available.
For more information view the full Qore Technologies support policy
VersionInitial ReleaseEnd of Support
Qorus Integration Engine® 3.1.1.*2017-09-252020-11-30
Qorus Integration Engine® 4.0.*2019-02-02 2022-02-28
Qorus Integration Engine® 4.1.* 2020-02-13 2023-02-28
Qorus Integration Engine® 5.0.* 2020-10-20 2023-10-31
Qorus Integration Engine® 5.1.* 2021-06-24 2024-06-30
Qorus Integration Engine® 6.0.* 2023-02-09 2026-02-28

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