Qorus Developer Tools

1. Fire up your VS Code, then install the Qorus Developer Tools extension.

2. Clone our building-blocks repository by:

git clone https://git.qoretechnologies.com/qorus/building-blocks.git

ℹ️ Note: Building blocks are intended to provide reusable elements for solving technical challenges in a generic manner, reducing development effort and, ideally, eliminating development and transforming the delivery of complex functionality to simple configuration.

3. Open the building-blocks directory in VS Code. The source for hello world example is already available in examples/HelloWorld.

4. Click on the Qorus Development Extention, then click on the purple “Q” icon to get the extension main menu. Connect to your local Qorus server by clicking on the login button.

ℹ️ Note: This is important as some IDE functionality requires an online Qorus connection. You can change the configuration of an instance by clicking on the edit (pen) button next to the login button. Since Qorus is running with RBAC disabled, like we mentioned earlier, the ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ fields are empty for your local Qorus instance.

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