Qorus Integration Engine

Automate your processes with AI and without coding

Qorus is a no code / low code integration and automation platform that helps you create powerful enterprise apps, fast.

 Rapidly configure and assemble building blocks, code when you need to, and create your own building blocks – you choose how best to architect your app.


No-Code for Coders

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Accelerate Your Development

Whether you are a full_stack_engineer with years of experience or an ambitious looking to accelerate your next gig you know it makes sense to abstract and reuse code objects.

But there are also times you need to get under the hood and code your way.

Develop and package code in reusable, self-documenting objects to reduce complexity and maintenance costs. Then combine your building blocks with other no-code objects for limitless development possibilities.

Stop reinventing the wheel.


Connect Python AI & Data Science components to Java apps – Qorus provides complete language interoperability, even down to runtime integration.

Get the best of both worlds – Qorus brings together the wide range of available Python AI components with Java for access to data and systems, combined in an enterprise framework designed for scalability, operational reporting, lifecycle management and data security.

Unite your Python and Java


Combine processes, data and systems with drag and drop ease.

Task and workflow integration is handled with Stateful Process Orchestration, providing fault-tolerance for processes that must complete (even across lightweight technologies and protocols that were never designed to be failsafe).

Qorus supports Java and CPython, includes connectors for all common technologies and protocols, and has a data provider API to introspect and automatically interface with other systems – so you can connect pretty much anything to anything!

Now you can connect pretty much anything to anything.

Enterprise. Open Source.

Built for Enterprise, designed for Developers.

Start a project, build a proof of concept ✈, or just test your idea 💡 – develop for FREE with Qorus Community Edition. We’re coders too, so every part of Qorus is Open Source.

And when you’re ready, you can easily scale your app with Qorus enterprise features including cloud-native Kubernetes and Docker container support, CI / CD integration and more.

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