Using Free Innovative Technology To Ease The COVID-19 Business Impact

Qore Technologies Is Offering A 3-Months FREE Usage Of Their IoT Driven Digital Process Automation (DPA) And IT/OT Integration Solution As A First Aid Solution To Help Organizations Mitigate The Business Implications Of COVID-19 Now And In The Future.

The outbreak of COVID-19 presents an alarming crisis to population health and business operations alike. In fact, 94% of the FORTUNE1000 organizations are already seeing COVID-19 disruptions to operations. The world is grappling with many changes that will have a far-reaching effect in all aspects. The first priority is of course preserving lives – the second priority is ensuring livelihood.

How Can Innovative Technology Help Struggling Businesses?

While many public and humanitarian initiatives are on force, businesses are generally left to struggle with operational issues on their own.

This is an almost universal dilemma for enterprises, especially when it comes to creating long-term business plans in this situation.

“Many businesses are projected to sustain a significant blow on their revenue, while at the same time operational costs are predicted to increase during and for many months after the pandemic. This “business first-aid” initiative is our way of contributing to overcoming this crisis from a business perspective – which also involves people in the end of the day. We want to make sure that they will have jobs to return to and that the organizations can maintain stable operations now, and in the future. Everyone is trying to help to the extent of their possibilities – this is our contribution. We are all in this together.” Said David Nichols, CEO of Qore Technologies.

“We created this offer because we would like to help other businesses get through this unprecedented situation by giving our support and sharing our know-how on how to solve the most difficult IT/OT challenges and turn the negative impact of coronavirus to positive business outcomes. Our solution can make an incredible difference in a very short amount of time, in the 3 months of the offer, we expect that even the largest organizations can realize concrete benefits through successful IT automation and digital transformation. Therefore, we can optimistically put an arbitrarily high value on our offer, however, if just one business benefits from this offer, and if we manage to save at least one job with it, we will have achieved our goal.” – David added.

How To Ensure Steady Operations And Preserve Livelihood?

The initiative came as Qore Technologies’ response to the many questions surrounding HOW to position the business to handle the imminent changes, ensure its resilience, and maintain stable operations in the face of many COVID-19 threats to operations.

Business leaders worldwide are looking for ways to fight the evolving situation and mitigate the future implications for their companies. Decisions have to be made instantly and with sharp turns in business strategy. Digital transformation initiatives are now more important than ever to allow these shifts to happen in a secure and scalable way.

Qorus Integration Engine® 4.1 can be extremely helpful when it comes to nurturing and modernizing existing solutions thus protecting the investment and forging a modular/scalable environment that will adapt to any new business requirement and grow together with an enterprise. Features within the platform, like automatic error handling and our configuration-based building-block architecture, make it easy to own and maintain the entire development environment, without spending more for additional/future development.

Governments worldwide are implementing programs to help restart the economy with proportionate economic interventions. However, these actions are limited in time and scope, causing many struggling businesses to fall through the cracks of recent restrictions and implications the situation has to their business operations. Unemployment rates are soaring, and revenues are rapidly declining.

Technology Innovation And Automation As A “Vaccine” To Heal Current And Prevent Further Damages To Businesses:

Organizations are facing various challenges to return their business back to scale, resolve current issues, as well as ensure the operational resilience in the future, with many underlying challenges in each step of the way.

How can free usage of IoT, process automation and IT/OT integration technology help alleviate these problems?

Regardless of the industry you are in, we can help you make a difference and blunt the pandemic’s impact to your business – if not stave it off entirely. Our solutions can be used to solve numerous business issues, in line with operational, financial, managerial, IT and many other aspects:

  1. Managing employees, consumers and partners
  2. Long-term and short-term costs management
  3. Creating and implementing a new business plan and business strategy model
  4. Business agility, scalability including broader security and control resilience through automation to better handle disruptions and changes
  5. Supply chain management
  6. Business products and service outages/discontinuation
  7. Agile implementation of new procedures fully compliant with GDPR and new government policies
  8. Ensure decision-making speed and agility without sacrifices made on quality
  9. User empowerment for immediate liquidity
  10. Eliminating technical errors, mistakes and oversights

And so much more…

As scaled-up testing is being implemented globally to save lives, automation is a form of ensuring livelihood by keeping all IT processes in check, and with high agility to pivot in abruptly changing environment for the unforeseen future.

As an example, for the healthcare industry, automation can be of immense help in saving lives, by having enhanced patient data management structure and real-time information gathered by IoT sensors (e.g. body temperature as a form of first level testing). The possibilities are endless and new ideas are emerging on a daily basis to help alleviate the situation. Solidarity between people as well as between businesses is now more important than ever.

Qorus Integration Engine® 4.1 helps organizations to organize and coordinate their back-office, simultaneously enabling significant cost reduction and improving their overall bottom-line. With Qorus Integration Engine® 4.1 one can integrate IoT efficiently, thus accelerating digital transformation and achieving numerous other benefits to business.

In a nutshell Qorus Integration Engine® 4.1 gives managers visibility and control over critical business processes, provides real automation to help push sales and marketing initiatives into action, creating a stable structure to scale up more easily in a cost effective way.

Summary: Qore Technologies Helps Enterprises Mitigate The Impact Of Coronavirus To Their Business, For FREE.

Qorus Integration Engine® 4.1 is a scalable solution for enterprises with a global outreach. But we’ve also placed great emphasis on making the product highly useful for non-technical users, giving businesses the necessary ‘edge’ to move ahead of the pack in today’s competitive marketplace.

By helping automate your business processes, we together are opening up new opportunities and markets, bringing productivity and stability to the mix, improving bottom-line and solidifying budget plans. With all of this Qorus Integration Engine® 4.1 is a powerful tool to accelerate digital transformation and modernize the enterprise segment. Let us help you.

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