Qore Technologies Announced As One Of 33 Finalists In NXTSTAGE 2020 Competition

Qore Technologies Announced As One Of 33 Finalists In NXTSTAGE 2020 Competition – NXTUS Inc., an organization focused on spurring entrepreneurial opportunities globally, has announced the list of finalists of its 2020 NXTSTAGE contest – an effort designed to propel startup companies to the next stage of growth, largely through business mentorship and connections to companies who could potentially become customers or partners. Qore Technologies s.r.o. is among the 33 finalists of this pilot program spanning multiple verticals, including Financial Technology, Industry 4.0, and Health industry.

The NXTSTAGE Pilot Competition helps entrepreneurs grow their companies by connecting them to interested customers and partners, ready to implement innovations that can improve their operations and help serve their markets and customers better. Open to startups around the world that have deployment-ready technologies, and with nearly 300 contenders vying for a spot, NXTSTAGE recognized Qore Technologies as a startup company which is able to add immediate value to businesses and communities through a unique transaction-sure Digital Automation Platform that enables companies to dramatically reduce costs and exponentially increase business scalability through high-quality end-to-end OT/IT automation.

“This is an amazing opportunity for Qore Technologies as a selected finalist, as we will work toward launching pilot programs with NXTSTAGE industry partners during the finalist evaluation phase. In practical terms this means that everyone from this group of finalists is a winner – since our solutions will get relevant exposure to industry-leading companies,” said David Nichols, CEO of Qore Technologies.

“There are incredibly nimble and resilient young companies out there. And we’ve just been really, really impressed with their ability to respond to a changing world. COVID has accelerated it, but credit really goes to the partners’ and companies’ leadership. Regardless of what battles were staring at them every day, over the past few months, they didn’t waiver and in fact, dug deeper in order to be able to move quickly with innovations that can really make communities better, stronger, more connected and healthier and that was really great to see.” Said Mary Beth Jarvis, NXTUS executive director.

“You can tell by the list of finalists that we have really solid contenders – which is awesome and speaks to the quality of young companies,” she added.


Because of its unique approach to attracting and retaining a tech-oriented workforce, overall development of NXTSTAGE was made possible by a $250,000 grant from the Talent Ecosystem Fund at the Wichita Community Foundation. For now, NXTSTAGE finalists are getting their introductions to Wichita virtually, through online meetings and video presentations. Plans call for bringing finalists to the area when travel and meeting restrictions don’t impede the startups’ ability to get to know the community better and meet face-to-face with decision makers and local innovation teams.


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