Blog Series: 5 Good Reasons Why Enterprises Need Digital Process Automation to Succeed in Digital Transformation

Enterprise Digital Transformation Starts And Ends With Automation.

With Qore Technologies, delivering a successful DX project through automation, rather than using human resources, has never been easier. Why? Because we believe that complex problems don’t require complicated and expensive solutions that hinder your employees from doing what they do best: delivering a stellar customer service.

The aim of Qore Technologies digital process automation (DPA) and IT/OT/IoT integration solution is to improve productivity, reduce operational costs and improve collaboration.

There has been a lot of questions surrounding HOW can automation and IT/OT integration drive successful enterprise DX, as these initiatives are usually considered as an IT department effort alone, and not something that can affect the entire digital transformation of an organization.

With these blog series we would like to demystify the use of automation in service of DX, as well as shatter the myth of the quality, time and cost triangle, usually associated with the use of IT integration solutions, causing organizations to often overlook the importance of these methods or make wrong assumptions about the applicability of the automation solution due to misconception that these solutions are high in cost, complex in maintenance and inefficient in quality throughput.

It’s time to abandon the siloed approach and have a fresh look on digital process automation as THE solution that can deliver a successful enterprise DX project by leveraging innovative technology with a unique approach to business process automation and IT/OT/IoT integration.

David Nichols

Why Is Qore Technologies Digital Process Automation An Asset For It Managers Handling Digital Transformation Projects?

Qore Technologies helps modern enterprises to simplify complicated back-office IT tasks through a unique and highly efficient integration and automation solution. This involves more effective management of complex organizational processes by combining various methods to reduce costs and place in order complex, repetitive tasks while enhancing process security, ensuring resilience to technical errors, and increasing process and data quality.

In the long run, the advantages of using an efficient automation and IT/OT convergence tool are visible in improved business efficiency, productivity, collaboration and scalability, which is why we are certain that enterprises in various stages of DX projects can benefit from our solution.

What Is An IoT Driven Digital Process Automation Solution?

Qorus Integration Engine is a digital process automation and IT/OT/IoT integration platform that provides high levels of self-healing process automatization and zero-knowledge (no-code/low-code/drag-and-drop) IT integration.

Why Chose Qore Technologies Over Other Process Automation Solutions?

Our approach to automation and integration is unique by building-block design with visual and intuitive overview of the processing environment, facilitating easier management and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) of the solution, compared to competition. It therefore helps to efficiently deal with problems linked to DX projects in complex enterprise IT environments, making life of IT managers so much easier.
The objective of the solution is to simplify and make processes more efficient, but most of all ensuring high productivity from your employees by allowing them to focus on tasks that proved tangible value to your business.

We’ve identified 5 key success principles to DX delivered through automation by solving issues our customers faced in course of their digital transformation efforts:

  1.  Reinforcing Business Scalability
  2.  Standardizing Security, Control And Compliance
  3.  User Empowerment
  4.  Transparent Process Management
  5.  Minimizing Costs, Mistakes And Oversights

Reinforcing Business Scalability

We help organizations connect and access data from their legacy and/or modern IT systems, connecting all systems, departments and applications in one single platform for a better managerial overview and faster, more accurate, business decision-making in servicing your customers better.

This approach enables rapid time to market of business initiatives, giving organizations a competitive edge, and the agility to pivot in the demanding and constantly changing market and customer demands.

In addition, establishing higher level of internal process transparency in your organization strengthens the accountability of all parts. Using automation will allow you to identify errors faster and to efficiently analyze processes which, in turn, will lead to overall business optimization by using automation as an intelligent prediction tool.

GUARANTEED RESULT: organizations are better equipped to deal with digital transformation project road-blocks, managing disparate application integrations with back-office and/or legacy IT systems, enabling them to access, manage and optimize corporate processes more easily, and implement better processes to balance business outcomes by making business processes as productive as possible.

Standardizing Security, Control & Compliance:

Automation enables implementation of a clear and simplified guidance to security, control and compliance actions that need to be performed with each process, by efficiently managing access rights, user roles and responsibilities.

In spite of the progress made in the cloud computing area, on-premise technology still occupies the major part of enterprise IT models. This is why Qore Technologies allows connectivity with enterprise data and applications in all 3 scenarios: in the cloud (as an iPaaS solution), on-premise or in hybrid deployments. Regardless of the choice, there are certain security, control and compliance aspects to consider, even more so with the rising trend of ‚ÄúCitizen Integrators‚ÄĚ.

GUARANTEED RESULT: Qorus Integration Engine¬ģ help corporate systems run faster and more secure, making digital transformation more painless for all stakeholders, regardless of the stage of transition. With the emergence of ‚ÄúCitizen Integrators‚ÄĚ, where non-technical users are enabled to perform complex integration tasks, companies are capable of addressing major security concerns before the issues emerge. Qore Technologies provides a platform designed for enterprise security for peace of mind for your business.

With our comprehensive solution we’ve addressed all of your concerns:

User Empowerment

As mentioned, the ‚ÄúCitizen Integrators‚ÄĚ trend poses many questions to security as opposed to the benefits it can bring to overall DX.

How and why would organizations allow the democratization of the development environment is the next question that logically comes to mind, as well as how is this trend related to the overall success of the digital transformation project?

With the entry into today’s business environment of technologies like AI, IoT and Machine Learning, companies must be prepared to connect and maintain massive volumes of data and deploy various processes in order to service their customers better, turning that data into real-time business outcomes.

These cumbersome processes were usually performed by 3rd party developers and technology consultants, taking a lot of time and financial resources to make it happen. This approach caused long development times, delays and unpredictable errors in the processing environment ‚Äď making the overall system hard to manage, with unpredictable outcomes and long-term maintenance costs.

So, what is the point of focusing on tedious tasks when you can automate them?
We have the solution you need:

Qore Technologies is the first to develop ‚ÄúZero Knowledge Integration‚ÄĚ through the use of unique building-block design and enhanced Integrated Development Environment (IDE) features, we are empowering non-technical users to become proactive leaders in organization‚Äôs digital transformation, without the risk to organization‚Äôs IT efficiency and business goals.

Zero-Knowledge Integration is designed for organizations who want to integrate applications and data quickly, under less associated time and cost by empowering the non-technical employees to perform these tasks faster and more efficiently.
A Citizen Integrator within an organization can be a marketing person who needs to implement new customer campaigns or a sales manager who need to create and deliver new service and/or product offering to customers in real-time; or it can be an IT manager who need to perform complex integration of dispersed business departments, systems and/or applications in a fast and secure way; or an ISV who want to embed self-service integration directly into their products to open new revenue streams…
The possibilities are endless through our no-code development with our user-friendly drag-and-drop design.

GUARANTEED RESULT: Zero-Knowledge Integration directly empowers non-expert users to create sophisticated enterprise integration solutions without coding. When Citizen Integrators take a leading role in IT integration and process automation, this allows for IT to be in direct reach of the business users that it serves, resulting in more business flexibility, better business outcomes and lower operational costs through decreased development effort in complex enterprise scenarios. In short, organizations will be able to provide faster customer service, acquire, retain and grow new customers in real-time, as well as open new revenue streams with agile service/product offerings driven by real-world IoT events.

Transparent Process Management

Successful enterprise business requires a ‚Äėpackage deal‚Äô of:
a) Successful digital transformation
b) Scalable business environment and
c) Agile customer service

Automation is what’s behind all of these aspects!

How can something so technical as IT integration and process automation drive organization’s lucrative business growth?

Experts will agree that the individual component strength is as important as the entire system it serves.
It is therefore quite logical that one faulty process or incorrect data recorded in the enterprise system can cause a business initiative to fail, costing the organization so much more than just the loss of revenue or a business opportunity. An organization would have to invest significant resources in tracing and correcting this error and it usually involves a lot of manual work, financials and an additional development, adding on top the potentially damaged business reputation ‚Äď it‚Äôs a high cost to pay that can be easily avoided with automation.

Qore Technologies’ operating model allows IT to automate processes and deliver fast new solutions, when needed, throughout the organization, while still maintaining critical transparency, security and easy management. Qore’s building-block solution is a hybrid IT/OT/IoT integration and digital process automation platform, enabling efficient connectivity between IT/OT systems, departments, microservices and APIs. This makes our solution a perfect choice for large organizations looking to accelerate digital transformation and ensure its success. It is an ideal choice for updating bulky and cumbersome legacy IT systems, owing to its low total cost of ownership (TCO), faster RoI and ease of management.

GUARANTEED RESULT: Let‚Äôs take financial processing as the most critical business area, as an example of what you can expect by deploying Qorus Integration Engine¬ģ:

- Qore Technologies can integrate with all major ERP providers and account software platforms (e.g. Salesforce) providing reliable authentication, push notifications and all necessary functionality for ensuring the payments are processed once and only once, delivering the success of business services that need to be automated to avoid manual work errors and to increase the speed of transactions.

- Integration of data to all connected systems and modules is vital to smooth operations. In the long term, the painless execution of all connected tasks can bring enormous value to overall business transactions and enable a better customer experience. An efficient automation solution which is both innovative and flexible allows the fast deployment of necessary changes and improvements to financial processing.

- Qore Technologies integration solution provides more powerful business insights and document management. Its proven, popular, and lightweight design offers numerous opportunities for zero-knowledge development with minimum or no development experience needed. In a long run the cost of financial processes are significantly decreased and self-healing architecture provides a secure environment resistant to any flaws of manual intervention.

- Our unique out-of-the box, end-to-end solution is lightweight, flexible, highly intuitive and easy to deploy and manage with drag-and-drop functionality which is one of the key benefits of our solution for large organizations. Automated processes mean less work for IT managers and developers.

- Building-block design enforced with drag-and-drop features allows for quick component development and changes to take place by stressing configuration over coding. It provides a rich user experience with fast RoI and enables a successful digital transformation.

Minimizing Costs, Mistakes And Oversights

Automation allows more precision in process management, avoiding high costs linked to both technical mistakes and lack of efficiency. Self-healing architecture of Qore Technologies platform eliminates manual errors and minimizes the risk of ‚Äėdead-end‚Äô processes throughout the organization.

In real life it can solve a wide array of issues connected to payment processing (e.g. late payments, doubled payments), slow sale and marketing initiatives, return of goods, cancellation of services, service and product activations and many cases where mistakes are visible to customers and very expensive to resolve.

GUARANTEED RESULT: Automation saves resources through low development effort and long-term system maintenance costs by eliminating the delays and high cost 3rd party involvement. It has the ability of providing faster return on investment (RoI) through exponential development, leading to important benefits, especially from an organization’s financial point of view.


Qore Technologies is a lightweight, unique enterprise service bus (ESB), IT integration and process automation platform that allows enterprises to connect their data with legacy and/or modern IT systems, applications and departments quickly and easily, with high security and regulatory compliance level for managing business-critical and data-sensitive processes.

Our solution is a perfect choice for enterprises in need of solving a wide array of issues surrounding digital transformation on all levels. Additionally, it improves collaboration and significantly decreases operational costs as it offers more automation opportunities with fewer resources required than any other solution currently available in the market.

Smart automation and IT/OT convergence driven by IoT go hand in hand with our solution, enabling ease of use, more speed and agility with unparalleled cost savings.

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