5 Critical Questions CTOs Must Address to Mitigate COVID-19 Impact on Business

Essential Business & Operations Guide: Critical Questions From IT Leaders On How To Fight COVID-19 Business Implications - Answered.

Similar to personal health, organizations without a strong immune system are prone to damage caused by environmental changes. Organizations may get away with it during the healthy times, but these operational gaps and oversights quickly became obvious in COVID-19 crisis, when businesses became increasingly reliant on technology to support their operations and adapt to the new market conditions.

Remote working placed new demands on IT infrastructure and for every organization involved in dealing with the crisis, digital operations became an absolute lifeline. The right technology in place, successful digital transformation, agile change management and IT/OT integration became the main point of difference between life and death, success and failure.

Process efficiency platforms, business intelligence and customer satisfaction solutions became more important than ever for organizations looking to remain competitive in most industries. Now is a crucial time for business leaders to consider the benefits of new technology and to understand how this technology can help their business thrive during and after the coronavirus pandemic.

In this essential business & operations guide, we examine the best practice advice for IT leaders and IT departments to ensure business continuity and survival during, and especially after the pandemic. We’ll have a look at the most common questions and share insight how other global organizations, from various industries are reacting to these changes and what steps are they taking to heal and reinforce their business.

1. What To Do If My Organization Is Experiencing Some Downtime As A Result Of The Crisis?

This is an excellent moment to examine your company processes and do a health-check of your IT/OT infrastructure, to begin research toward forming a new, strategic enterprise operations plan. Have a look at some of our industry-specific research and reports on which steps to take to ensure business continuity and preserve livelihoods:

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Automotive, Banking, Finance, Government, Healthcare, Logistics, Manufacturing, Public, Retail, Real Estate, Telecom

2. Would Process Automation Be A Right Fit For My Organization?

Enterprise process infrastructure is the right candidate for process automation due to its processing size and complexity. Companies that implement strategic, best-fit automation solution possess a competitive advantage over those that don’t.

In some scenarios businesses leverage automation technology to disrupt entire industries through sweeping digital transformations. The rise of real-time services from companies like Amazon, Netflix, Uber, for example, was possible by harnessing the latest technologies for both internal process management and customer-facing systems.

Most organizations already recognize that digital process automation solution boosts efficiency and productivity. However, business leaders need to gain a deeper understanding of the current crop of solutions and features. Companies need to know that the right solution don’t just create more efficient processes – it can enable much greater agility, new service/product offerings, more informed business decisions, significantly decrease operational costs and ultimately enable higher customer satisfaction rates with rapid RoI (Return on Investment).

3. How To Prevent Reduced Efficiency With Remote Teams?

Remote staff are routinely working from home and need the right tools and internal infrastructure to support them.

Any lack of process clarity is amplified in a remote environment. Furthermore, productivity decay is caused by difficulties in navigating large or hierarchical organizational structures, often causing people to lose the sense of direction or degrade moral and performance due to lack of clarity, right collaboration tools and guidance through complex enterprise processes.

Security issues, amplified by the COVID-19 pandemics, were additionally increased by people being forced to adopt insecure workarounds for complex processes.

Process automation and IT/OT efficient integration form clear decision and escalation paths, with clear roles and responsibilities to facilitate higher productivity. Furthermore, a secure, self-healing process structure provides single digital source of truth across the organization employees, performance and processes making remote business collaboration so much more secure and seamless.

4. How To Implement New Solutions With Financial Restrictions?

Often enough, CIOs and CTOs are caught in a vicious circle of requiring a more efficient technology solutions but not being able to acquire it, for any number of reasons. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Where to start from, how to enable most efficient transition in these most challenging times AND enable business scalability in the process, is yet another puzzle to solve.

Companies need to protect their investment and eliminate any additional strain to budgets for the unforeseen future, at the same time if their IT systems weren’t designed for scalability, they will face bottleneck challenges.

Qore Technologies Cloud-based iPaaS process automation platform can efficiently bridge this gap, by using flexible ‘pay-as-you-go’ scenario and extended free usage plan. Our 3-months FREE product usage plan, coupled with expert team consultations, provides numerous benefits to companies undergoing digital transformation or simply looking for ways to fight negative implications of COVID-19 to their operations, as a prerequisite for remaining competitive.

Adopting Process Automation Technology And Enabling IT/OT Integration Provides Much More Than A Simple Boost – It Can Enable Major Strategic Advantages:

Our smart automation solution comes with features and functions that help companies improve key business processes, from accounting, HR, inventory control to supply chain and warehouse management.

Whether it’s bridging the gaps in those core processes, automating tasks, increasing the security and accuracy of reporting – or enabling agile product and service offerings, Qorus Integration Engine is designed to enable best-practice processes and better overall operations. As a result, our customers see a higher return on investment (RoI) and significantly reduced operational costs.

5. What To Do Now And Which Next Steps To Take?

Even without replacing your existing systems, you may still be able to tighten your processes, increase automation, enable IT/OT integration, new product and service lines with our help. Together, we can reveal areas of improvement that perhaps you were not aware of – including solutions for both urgent and simmering issues.

The ability to scale processes and systems in response to the changing environment, caused by COVID-19 crisis, helps to avoid costly bottlenecks and lost opportunities.
David Nichols, CEO - Qore Technologies s.r.o.

Take advantage of our 3-months FREE consultation and solution usage plan, which gives you ample time to do thorough research and address the challenges your organization is facing, manage uncertainty in your supply chains, ensure adequate IT resiliency, build a plan to prioritize and protect customers, learn from successful competitors, and reform your business.

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We provide a comprehensive automation and IT/OT integration solution, designed for maximum flexibility and minimum investment - to help business leaders discover the benefits of best-fit automation solution and perform successful IT architecture strategy. This includes both custom consulting engagement, free of charge know-how sharing and impartial strategic partnerships and deployment options.

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With the coronavirus pandemic having up-ended markets and economies all over the world, it’s clear that almost all organizations will need to chart new paths to success as quickly as possible over the next weeks and months.

With the right technology in place your organizations will be ready to adapt to current and future shifts in the market, including trends such as the decline of brick-and-mortar supply chains, 24h service and remote workforce management. The single best way to remain competitive is to invest in enterprise automation solution that’s designed for maximum flexibility, integration, security and self-healing process automation.

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