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Lightweight microservice-based framework for data and process integration with built-In process fault tolerance. Provides enterprise scalability, quick time to market, reduced risk, and very low costs.



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Rapid Development

Minimize time to deployment to maximize business flexibility.

Time To Market

Qorus integration engine provides enterprise scalability, quick time to market, reduced risk, and very low costs.

Business Value

We deconstructed traditional enterprise integration platforms and reimagined a solution focused on maximizing overall business value.

Success Stories

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Telecoms BSS Process Integration

Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH ("3") decided to replace its integration architecture with a new solution based on Qorus Integration Engine as part of the Hutchison global project to change the CRM solution. The integration project would entail redesigning and reimplementing all automated portions of all BSS integration tasks, and interfacing with all necessary BSS, OSS, and third party systems.

Telecom Provisioning

Due to high support and maintenance costs, Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH initiated a project to replace their legacy provisioning solution based on Tertio with a solution based on Qorus Integration Engine. Furthermore, this project would apply the same Qorus-centric BSS integration architecture to processes involving OSS systems.

Financial Processing

Hutchison Global choose Qorus Integration Engine to base all global interfaces for their pan-European ERP integration project to integrate a single Oracle E-Business Suite (Oracle Applications) instance with all partners, suppliers, and operator internal systems distributed in various countries in Europe and covering more than 52M end customers.