Qorus Integration Engine®  5.1.2_git
Implementing Qorus Objects Using YAML format

YAML Definition Files of Qorus Objects

All Qorus integration objects are described by YAML metadata produced by our IDE, which is available as a free (as in free of charge and also open source) extension to Microsoft Visual Studio Code, a multi-platform editor from Microsoft. The Qorus extension is called Qorus Developer Tools and can be installed directly from Visual Studio Code.

The IDE generates YAML files for Qorus objects.

Qorus YAML definition files should have the extension *.yaml to identify the file's contents properly to the schema loader.

YAML definition files are used to create Qorus object definitions in the Qorus schema.

YAML schemas for Qorus object definition files:

Object YAML Schema Example
Qorus classes class_schema.yaml class.yaml
Qorus services service_schema.yaml service.yaml
Qorus steps step_schema.yaml step.yaml
Qorus jobs job_schema.yaml job.yaml
Qorus workflows workflow_schema.yaml workflow.yaml
Qorus workflow errors errors_schema.yaml errors.yaml
Qorus functions function_schema.yaml function.yaml
Qorus mappers mapper_schema.yaml mapper.yaml
Qorus value maps value-map_schema.yaml value-map.yaml
Qorus constants constant_schema.yaml constant.yaml
Qorus workflow events event_schema.yaml event.yaml
Qorus queues queue_schema.yaml queue.yaml
Qorus groups group_schema.yaml group.yaml
Qorus connections connection_schema.yaml connection.yaml
Qorus config item values config-item-values_schema.yaml config-item-values.yaml
Qorus types type_schema.yaml type.yaml
Qorus pipelines pipeline_schema.yaml pipeline.yaml
Qorus finite state machines fsm_schema.yaml fsm.yaml

YAML type definitions:

Object YAML type definition
Qorus config item config-item_definition.yaml
Qorus service method service-method_definition.yaml
Qorus cron cron_definition.yaml
Qorus workflow error error_definition.yaml
Qorus class connectors class-connector_definition.yaml
Qorus class processor processor_definition.yaml

For Qorus objects that support user code there is a code tag that tells oload: Data Loading Tool and Schema Manager where the source code is located.

  • It is recommended to have YAML definition files in the same directory with the user code
  • YAML definition files support only class-based user code for services, jobs, and workflows