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Defining Connections

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Connection Definition Files

All Qorus integration objects are described by YAML metadata produced by our IDE, which is available as a free (as in free of charge and also open source) extension to Microsoft Visual Studio Code, a multi-platform editor from Microsoft. The Qorus extension is called Qorus Developer Tools and can be installed directly from Visual Studio Code.


User connections, Datasource Connections, Qorus to Qorus Connections are defined in YAML connection files.

Qorus user code should access external resources using user connections in all possible cases because such connections are monitored and the interace is managed (stopped and started) when the dependent connections become unavailable and again available (additionally, operational alerts are issued and cleared in these cases.

When connections are made directly (for example, by using a HTTPClient object directly instead of using a user connection), then the system does not monitor the connection's health, does not manage dependent interface status nor raise or clear alerts when the connection is unavailable or again available.

Options can be set in the IDE for each connection as well.

Connection Options
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