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OMQ::UserApi::Workflow::QorusSubworkflowStep Class Referenceabstract

The abstract class for subworkflow steps. More...

Inheritance diagram for OMQ::UserApi::Workflow::QorusSubworkflowStep:
OMQ::UserApi::Workflow::QorusSubworkflowStepBase OMQ::UserApi::Workflow::QorusStepBase

Public Member Methods

abstract public nothing primary ()
 The primary step logic for the subworkflow step. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Methods inherited from OMQ::UserApi::Workflow::QorusSubworkflowStepBase
static public hash< auto > bindSubworkflow (hash< auto > wf, hash< auto > order)
 This method binds a workflow to a subworkflow step. More...
static public hash< auto > skipSubworkflow ()
 This method will skip the execution of a subworkflow step. More...

Detailed Description

The abstract class for subworkflow steps.

A subworkflow step binds a child workflow (called a subworkflow) to a step and should be used to implement support for complex logical branching in Qorus.

Subworkflow steps may not have validation logic.

# name: MySubworkflowStep
# version: 1.0
# desc: my subworkflow step class
class MySubworkflowStep inherits QorusSubworkflowStep {
primary() {
# ... primary step logic; must call one of:
# * wf_bind_subworkflow()
# * wf_skip_subworkflow()
Qorus step constructors do not take any arguments; see Step Constructors and Static Initialization for information about constructors and static class initialization.
See also
Subworkflow Step

Member Function Documentation

◆ primary()

abstract public nothing OMQ::UserApi::Workflow::QorusSubworkflowStep::primary ( )
pure virtual

The primary step logic for the subworkflow step.

This code must call either wf_bind_subworkflow() or wf_skip_subworkflow() or an error will be raised.

If the step is not to be skipped, then the step nust bind a subworkflow order to the step by calling the wf_bind_subworkflow() workflow API function.

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