Qorus Integration Engine®  5.1.19_git

The Qorus RPC API is exported through the Qorus HTTP server as XML-RPC, JSON-RPC, and YAML-RPC methods.

System service methods can be called from external systems using the appropriate Qorus API entry points (omq.system.service.[servicename].[method]() or omq.user.service.[servicename].[method]()) with XML-RPC, JSON-RPC, or YAML-RPC and from Qorus user code (workflows and user services).

The Qorus Integration Engine® RPC API is made up of a set of RPC methods providing access to system internal data such as workflow cache information, loaded service information, workflow execution instance status; it also provides methods for starting and stopping workflows, starting and stopping services, rotating log files, etc. Below the system RPC API methods are presented in various logical groups according to their functionality.

RPC System Methods

RPC Workflow Methods

RPC Workflow Error Definition Methods

RPC Service Methods

RPC Job Methods

RPC RBAC Methods

RPC RBAC User Methods

RPC RBAC Permission Methods

RPC RBAC Role Methods

RPC RBAC Group Methods

RPC Event Methods

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