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OMQ::UserApi::Workflow::QorusSubworkflowArrayStep Class Referenceabstract

The abstract class for subworkflow array steps. More...

Inheritance diagram for OMQ::UserApi::Workflow::QorusSubworkflowArrayStep:
OMQ::UserApi::Workflow::QorusSubworkflowStepBase OMQ::UserApi::Workflow::QorusStepBase

Public Member Methods

abstract public softlist< auto > array ()
 The array method returns the list of elements for the step. More...
abstract public nothing primary (auto array_arg)
 The primary step logic for the subworkflow step. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Methods inherited from OMQ::UserApi::Workflow::QorusSubworkflowStepBase
static public hash< auto > bindSubworkflow (hash< auto > wf, hash< auto > order)
 This method binds a workflow to a subworkflow step. More...
static public hash< auto > skipSubworkflow ()
 This method will skip the execution of a subworkflow step. More...

Detailed Description

The abstract class for subworkflow array steps.

A subworkflow step binds a child workflow (called a subworkflow) to a step and should be used to implement support for complex logical branching in Qorus.

Subworkflow steps may not have validation logic.

# name: MySubworkflowArrayStep
# version: 1.0
# desc: my subworkflow array step class
class MySubworkflowArrayStep inherits QorusSubworkflowArrayStep {
softlist<auto> array() {
# .. array logic
primary(auto array_arg) {
# ... primary step logic; must call one of:
# * wf_bind_subworkflow()
# * wf_skip_subworkflow()
Qorus step constructors do not take any arguments; see Step Constructors and Static Initialization for information about constructors and static class initialization.
See also
Subworkflow Step and Array Step

Member Function Documentation

◆ array()

abstract public softlist<auto> OMQ::UserApi::Workflow::QorusSubworkflowArrayStep::array ( )
pure virtual

The array method returns the list of elements for the step.

The return value of the array function will determine how many times the step will execute, and on what data; null or a zero-length array means to skip the step entirely. Each element in this array indicates an array step element; each element will be passed as the argument to primary() and validation()
this method must always return the same list in the same order in every call (for example if the step must be recovereed); use Workflow Dynamic Order Data to save the list to ensure that this method always returns the same list in the same order if necessary

◆ primary()

abstract public nothing OMQ::UserApi::Workflow::QorusSubworkflowArrayStep::primary ( auto  array_arg)
pure virtual

The primary step logic for the subworkflow step.

array_argthe array element for this step index as returned by the array method

This code must call either wf_bind_subworkflow() or wf_skip_subworkflow() or an error will be raised.

If the step is not to be skipped, then the step nust bind a subworkflow order to the step by calling the wf_bind_subworkflow() workflow API function.

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