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OMQ::UserApi::Workflow::QorusNormalStep Class Referenceabstract

The abstract class for normal steps. More...

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Public Member Methods

abstract public nothing primary ()
 The primary step logic for the normal step.
string validation ()
 Validation logic for the step. More...

Detailed Description

The abstract class for normal steps.

class MyNormalStepClass inherits QorusNormalStep {
primary() {
# ... primary step logic
string validation() {
# call checkAction() to check in the target DB if the action has completed
if (checkAction()) {
return OMQ::StatComplete;
# call checkPending() to see if we retry or still wait
return checkPending() ? OMQ::StatAsyncWaiting : OMQ::StatRetry;
bool checkAction() {
# ... logic here
bool checkPending() {
# ... logic here
Qorus step constructors do not take any arguments; see Step Constructors and Static Initialization for information about constructors and static class initialization.
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Normal Steps

Member Function Documentation

◆ validation()

string OMQ::UserApi::Workflow::QorusNormalStep::validation ( )

Validation logic for the step.

This method must be overridden for steps that can only execute once; by default this method will return OMQ::StatRetry, meaning that the primary step logic will be repeated.

this must be one of the following step status constants:
  • StatComplete: do not run the primary step logic; mark the step as "COMPLETE" and continue
  • StatError: do not run the primary step logic; mark the step as "ERROR" and stop running any further dependencies of this step
  • StatRetry: run the step function again immediately
if any other value than the above is returned, an error is raised and the return value is treated like OMQ::StatError
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