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Qore::SSH2::Ssh2ConnectionInfo hashdecl Reference

SSH2 connection info hash. More...

Public Attributes

*string authenticated
 a string giving the authentication mechanism used: "publickey", "password", "keyboard-interactive" or NOTHING if not connected
bool connected
 tells if the connection is currently active or not
*string fingerprint
 The fingerprint of the public host key of the remote server as a string of hex digit pairs separated by colons (:), ex: "AC:AA:DF:3F:49:82:5A:1A:DE:C9:ED:14:00:7D:65:9E" or NOTHING if not connected.
string keyfile_priv
 the filename of the local private key file used
string keyfile_pub
 the filename of the local public key file used
hash< string, string > methods
 a hash of strings giving the crytographic methods used for the connection
string ssh2host
 the host name of the remote server
int ssh2port
 the port number of the remote server
string ssh2user
 the user name used for the connection

Detailed Description

SSH2 connection info hash.

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