Qore Programming Language Reference Manual
Crytographic Digest Algorithms


const Qore::CRYPTO_DIGEST_DSS = "dss"
 specifies the DSS message digest (based on SHA-0 and DSA)
const Qore::CRYPTO_DIGEST_DSS1 = "dss1"
 specifies the DSS1 message digest (based on SHA1 and DSA)
const Qore::CRYPTO_DIGEST_MD2 = "md2"
 specifies the MD2 message digest
const Qore::CRYPTO_DIGEST_MD4 = "md4"
 specifies the MD4 message digest
const Qore::CRYPTO_DIGEST_MD5 = "md5"
 specifies the MD5 message digest
const Qore::CRYPTO_DIGEST_MDC2 = "mdc2"
 specifies the MDC2 message digest
const Qore::CRYPTO_DIGEST_RIPEMD160 = "ripemd160"
 specifies the RIPEMD message digest
const Qore::CRYPTO_DIGEST_SHA = "sha"
 specifies the insecure and outdated SHA-0 message digest; only supplied for compatibility purposes
const Qore::CRYPTO_DIGEST_SHA1 = "sha1"
 specifies the SHA1 message digest
const Qore::CRYPTO_DIGEST_SHA224 = "sha224"
 specifies the SHA-224 message digest (a variant of SHA-2)
const Qore::CRYPTO_DIGEST_SHA256 = "sha256"
 specifies the SHA-256 message digest (a variant of SHA-2)
const Qore::CRYPTO_DIGEST_SHA384 = "sha384"
 specifies the SHA-384 message digest (a variant of SHA-2)
const Qore::CRYPTO_DIGEST_SHA512 = "sha512"
 specifies the SHA-512 message digest (a variant of SHA-2)
const Qore::DigestMap = qore(init_digest_map_hash())
 A hash keyed by supported digest name where each value is True. More...

Detailed Description

The following constants can be used with the digest() and hmac() functions to calculate cryptographic digests and HMACs on input data.

Qore::FileOutputStream of("my-file.txt");
Qore::TransformOutputStream ts(of, get_decryptor(Qore::CRYPTO_ALG_BLOWFISH));

These constants are useful in the following functions:

Qore 0.9.3

Variable Documentation

◆ DigestMap

const Qore::DigestMap = qore(init_digest_map_hash())

A hash keyed by supported digest name where each value is True.

Qore 0.9.3