Qorus Integration Engine®  4.1.0_git
Release Notes

Qorus Release Notes History

Latest version: Qorus 4.1

Qorus 4.1

Release Overview

This is a major release of Qorus with the following major changes:

  • Data Provider API
    • The Data Provider API allows any system to be introspected and communicated with, through record-based or request/response APIs; it supports high-performance volume operations as well as efficient search, creation, update, upsert, and deletion of data.
    • The mapper infrastructure has been updated to fully support the Data Provider API as well as now supporting autonomous mode where data transformations are automatically performed on data retrieved from the input provider and stored in the output provider after data transformations. For data providers supporting bulk operations, this results in extremely high performance data integration flows based entirely on configuration.
    • The DataProvider module was added and many modules were updated to support its API
    • New system option: qorus.dataprovider-modules
  • Qorus Interface Metadata in YAML Format
    Defining Qorus interface metadata in YAML format has been introduced to facilitate the creation, editing and management of Qorus interfaces in the new Qorus IDE (see Implementing Qorus Objects Using YAML format).
    The new IDE supports creating, editing, deleting, and packaging interface code along with their metadata as well as ensuring the alignment of code and metadata in interface objects.
  • Java Updated to Java 11
    Qorus's Java support has been updated to OpenJDK 11; see Java Requirements for more information
  • Enhanced Unicode Support
    All interface objects in Qorus can now be made up of any Unicode characters including those outside the Latin or European character sets (ex: "ワークフローの例" is a valid workflow name as of this release)
  • Qorus Cluster Startup Improvements
    Qorus starts up faster and is more responsive during startup; enabled workflows, services, and jobs now start in parallel, additionally, excess serialization in accessing internal data structures during startup was removed.

Important Upgrade and Backwards Compatibility Information

  • New Environment Variables
    Set "QORE_DATA_PROVIDERS=QorusDataProviders" in your system environment to Qorus data providers with the qdp program for command-line introspection and manipulation of data providers
  • Qore Parser Fixes
    The Qore library has undergone the following parser fixes:
  • Event Code Changes
    logger and appender event codes were reassigned to the correct range starting with 5200: see LOGGER_CREATED for new values
  • Abstract Method Signature Change
  • Metadata-Based Interface Objects oload will load YAML-metadata-based integration objects first and does not handle dependencies between old-style objects with embedded metadata and YAML-metadata-based objects. Errors will result if a YAML-metadata-based object created from the IDE depends on older code when oload loads the objects for the first time. It is recommended to migrate all objects to YAML-metadata-based objects and not to mix the two types of objects in the same release.

New Features

Bug Fixes in Qorus 4.1

Issue ID Severity Description
3396 Normal fixed bugs recovering processes after qorus-core and or qdsp-omq along with interface processes crash
3395 Normal fixed a bug recovering qorus-master crashes with uninitalized processes in the cluster process table
3332 Normal improved client library initialization time

Bug Fixes in Qore

See Bug Fixes in Qore