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com.qoretechnologies.qorus.test.TruncateTable Class Reference

Clears the given table. More...

Inheritance diagram for com.qoretechnologies.qorus.test.TruncateTable:
com.qoretechnologies.qorus.test.Action org::qore::jni::QoreObjectWrapper

Public Member Methods

 TruncateTable (String dsname, String tableName) throws Throwable
 Creates the object according to the arguments. More...
Object run (QorusInterfaceTest t) throws Throwable
 deletes the data in the table given in the constructor More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Private Member Methods inherited from com.qoretechnologies.qorus.test.Action
 Action (QoreObject obj)
 protected constructor to create the wrapper object

Detailed Description

Clears the given table.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TruncateTable()

com.qoretechnologies.qorus.test.TruncateTable.TruncateTable ( String  dsname,
String  tableName 
) throws Throwable

Creates the object according to the arguments.

dsnamename of the datasource
tableNamea table name

Member Function Documentation

◆ run()

Object com.qoretechnologies.qorus.test.TruncateTable.run ( QorusInterfaceTest  t) throws Throwable

deletes the data in the table given in the constructor

tQorusInterfaceTest test object

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