Qore Programming Language Reference Manual  0.9.3
Regular Expression Constants


const Qore::RE_Caseless = PCRE_CASELESS
 Ignores case when matching regular expressions, equivalent to /i
const Qore::RE_DotAll = PCRE_DOTALL
 makes a dot (.) match a newline character, equivalent to /s
const Qore::RE_Extended = PCRE_EXTENDED
 ignores whitespace characters and enables comments prefixed by #, equivalent to /x
const Qore::RE_Global = QRE_GLOBAL
 replace all matches globally in the string or extract all occurrences of the pattern(s) in the string, equivalent to /g
const Qore::RE_MultiLine = PCRE_MULTILINE
 makes start-of-line (^) or end-of-line ($) match after or before any newline in the subject string, equivalent to /m

Detailed Description

The constants in this group can be combined with binary or to give regular expression options for the regex(), regex_subst(), and regex_extract() functions.