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QorusInterfaceTest::UnblockOrder Class Reference

Unblocks a workflow order. More...

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Public Member Methods

 constructor (int wfiid, string status=OMQ::StatReady)
 creates the action with the workflow instance ID More...
 run (QorusInterfaceTest t)
- Public Member Methods inherited from QorusInterfaceTest::Action
 constructor ()
 creates the object

Detailed Description

Unblocks a workflow order.

Member Function Documentation

◆ constructor()

QorusInterfaceTest::UnblockOrder::constructor ( int  wfiid,
string  status = OMQ::StatReady 

creates the action with the workflow instance ID

wfiidthe workflow instance ID
statusthe expected status after unblocking

◆ run()

QorusInterfaceTest::UnblockOrder::run ( QorusInterfaceTest  t)
tQorusInterfaceTest test object

Implements QorusInterfaceTest::Action.

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