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QorusInterfaceTest::ExecSynchronousOrder Class Reference

Creates and executes a synchronous workflow order. More...

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Public Member Methods

 constructor (hash< auto > orderdata, string expected_status=OMQ::StatComplete, *hash< auto > expected_dd)
 creates the action with the order details More...
 run (QorusInterfaceTest t)
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 constructor ()
 creates the object

Detailed Description

Creates and executes a synchronous workflow order.

Member Function Documentation

◆ constructor()

QorusInterfaceTest::ExecSynchronousOrder::constructor ( hash< auto >  orderdata,
string  expected_status = OMQ::StatComplete,
*hash< auto >  expected_dd 

creates the action with the order details

orderdataorder details with the following keys:
  • "name": (required) the name of the workflow order to create and execute synchronously
  • "staticdata": (optional hash) the static data for the order; either this key or "external_order_instanceid" is required
  • "external_order_instanceid: (optional string) the external order instance ID for the workflow data; either this key or \c "staticdata" is required - \c "dynamicdata": (optional hash) the initial dynamic data for the order - \c "orderkeys": (optional hash) a hash of order keys for the order - \c "priority": (optional int) the order priority (default @ref OMQ::DefaultOrderPriority) from 0 - 999; priority 0 is the highest; 999 is the lowest - \c "parent_workflow_instanceid": (optional int) a loosely-coupled workflow that will be marked as the parent of this workflow - \c "options": (hash) an optional hash of option names and values; if any options are not valid for the workflow, then an exception is raised and the synchronous workflow execution instance is not started
expected_statusthe expected workflow order status after execution (see Workflow, Segment, and Step Status Descriptions for possible values)
expected_ddthe expected dynamic data after execution; only keys given in the hash will be compared

◆ run()

QorusInterfaceTest::ExecSynchronousOrder::run ( QorusInterfaceTest  t)
tQorusInterfaceTest test object

Implements QorusInterfaceTest::Action.

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