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QorusInterfaceTest::CheckRunningWorkflow Class Reference

ensure a workflow is running More...

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Public Member Methods

 constructor (string name, *string version, timeout timeout_ms=60s, QorusSystemRestHelper rest=qrest)
 create the object according to the arguments More...
 run (QorusInterfaceTest t)
- Public Member Methods inherited from QorusInterfaceTest::Action
 constructor ()
 creates the object

Private Attributes

string m_path
 the URI path of the workflow to check
string m_desc
 a descriptive string for the workflow
QorusSystemRestHelper m_rest
 REST connection.

Detailed Description

ensure a workflow is running

Member Function Documentation

◆ constructor()

QorusInterfaceTest::CheckRunningWorkflow::constructor ( string  name,
*string  version,
timeout  timeout_ms = 60s,
QorusSystemRestHelper  rest = qrest 

create the object according to the arguments

namethe workflow name
versionthe optional workflow version string
timeout_msthe timeout to wait if the workflow is running in milliseconds
restthe REST connection object to the Qorus server

◆ run()

QorusInterfaceTest::CheckRunningWorkflow::run ( QorusInterfaceTest  t)
tQorusInterfaceTest test object

checks if the given workflow is running

Implements QorusInterfaceTest::Action.

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