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QorusInterfaceTest::CheckDbTableRows Class Reference

a check for database content More...

Inheritance diagram for QorusInterfaceTest::CheckDbTableRows:
QorusInterfaceTest::Action QorusInterfaceTest::CheckDbTableRow

Public Member Methods

 constructor (string dsname, string tablename, hash< auto > selectHash, softlist< auto > expectedValues)
 run (QorusInterfaceTest t)
string getTable ()
hash< auto > getSelectHash ()
list< auto > getData ()
 returns the expected values More...
*list< auto > getRowData ()
 returns the rows actually selected in the last execution of the action
- Public Member Methods inherited from QorusInterfaceTest::Action
 constructor ()
 creates the object

Private Attributes

list< auto > m_exp
 expected row data
*list< auto > m_rows
 the actual rows selected

Detailed Description

a check for database content

Member Function Documentation

◆ constructor()

QorusInterfaceTest::CheckDbTableRows::constructor ( string  dsname,
string  tablename,
hash< auto >  selectHash,
softlist< auto >  expectedValues 
dsnamename of the datasource
tablenametable name
selectHasha select hash specifying the rows added by the current interface and any other relevant parameters (orderby, etc)
expectedValueslist of hashes of expected values that should be in selected rows

◆ getData()

list<auto> QorusInterfaceTest::CheckDbTableRows::getData ( )

returns the expected values

expected values

◆ getSelectHash()

hash<auto> QorusInterfaceTest::CheckDbTableRows::getSelectHash ( )
select hash

◆ getTable()

string QorusInterfaceTest::CheckDbTableRows::getTable ( )
table to be inspected

◆ run()

QorusInterfaceTest::CheckDbTableRows::run ( QorusInterfaceTest  t)
tQorusInterfaceTest test object

check for db content

Implements QorusInterfaceTest::Action.

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