What's Wrong With Traditional Integration Solutions?

Traditional enterprise integration solutions are heavyweights designed for developers: powerful, expensive, and complex. The high degree of complexity requires very careful planning and design, expensive experts, and long development times.

Budget overruns and missed deadlines are common when either the required time or expertise are in too short supply. Business critical features such as an operational framework, robust error handling, and transparent status reporting are often delayed to a later delivery when implementation teams are faced with deadlines and too little time or resources.

  • Complexity and costs grow exponentially over time.
  • The flexibility to quickly react to changing business requirements is lost.
  • IT managers lose control over their integration architecture.

What if there were a better way?

What if there were a way to get and stay in control of your architecture, to reduce design, implementation, as well as operational costs, improve responsiveness to your business needs, while monitoring and improve service levels in your integration architecture?

What if there were a new approach to business process integration, with a framework focused not on ever-expanding development possibilities, but instead on operations, that guaranteed the integrity of your business processes, provided operational transparency and advanced automatic error handling out of the box, and enabled you to do far more with far less money in far less time?

Qorus Integration Engine.