Qorus Integration Engine

Qorus Integration Engine is the right solution to enterprise integration and business process automation.

Qorus Integration Engine is an integrated framework covering development to operations designed solely around reliable business process automation.


Qorus Integration Engine is:
  • Reliable
    designed for reliable business process automation in large enterprises with millions of customers, Qorus Integration Engine offers Advanced Error Recoverability, ensuring that (as long as certain simple criteria are met) business processes are able to run to completion (= increased quality and an improved customer experience).

  • Powerful
    based on an elegant and innovative integration platform designed for scalable performance in large enterprises; Qorus Integration Engine easily solves complex integration challenges such as transaction safety, synchronous and asynchronous messaging, data transformations, and more, Qorus Integration Engine can be extended in any way required and integrates seamlessly with industry-standard systems, protocols, and technologies.

  • Flexible
    supporting live upgrades of workflows and services without service interruption, rapid prototyping and development, automatic error handling and recovery, and complete operational transparency, Qorus Integration Engine will get you in control of your complex integrated environment.

  • Lightweight
    based on the Qore Programming Language, programmers can do more in less time than with strongly-typed languages such as Java, while being able to leverage Java APIs and libraries when needed