Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH

Telecoms BSS Process Integration

Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH ("3") decided to replace its integration architecture with a new solution based on Qorus Integration Engine as part of the Hutchison global project to change the CRM solution. The integration project would entail redesigning and reimplementing all automated portions of all BSS integration tasks, and interfacing with all necessary BSS, OSS, and third party systems.

Integration Project Scope

Provide a new solution for all BSS integration processes involving automatic technical fulfillment of:

- Customer Activations
- Post-Sales Activities: Tariff Changes, Number Changes, Address Changes, etc
- Suspensions, Retirements
- Mobile Number Portability Processes
- Collections, Fraud, all other integrated Processes

Project Goals

Reduce Time to Market

Long IT development times mandated fewer and larger releases per year, planned many months in advance, very high development and coordination/management costs; the long time-to-market meant poor business flexibility. Goal: Reduce implementation lead time to a few days.

Improve Service Levels with Order Processing

Time-consuming service order processes with mass transactions such as customer activations, tariff/number changes, etc. led to poor business process metrics, unfulfilled SLAs, and a poor customer experience with 3. Furthermore, a massive improvement in volume processing capabilities was necessary to cope with service peaks like shop hours, Christmas sales period, sales promotions, and the new architecture had to provide complete transparency of business-critical process handling status. Goal: More than 99% of orders fulfilled within SLA periods.

Reduce long-term operational costs while improving service quality

The lack of error detection/management and the lack of traceability in complex distributed processes necessitated constant manual intervention to localize and recover from errors resulting in high operational costs and high maintenance efforts for system and business operations. The new solution had to have standardized advanced automatic error handling and had to include logic to detect and automatically resolve conflicting service orders. Goal: minimum 50% reduction in operational costs

All of the above had to be realized with a small budget. Qorus Integration Engine was the key to achieving these goals.

Solution Architecture



The results exceeded all expectations. By using Qorus Integration Engine as the primary system controlling all BSS integration processes for their new architecture, 3 Austria implemented 40+ new workflows and hundreds of new service methods within a 6 month period, using a small development team of programmers (8 including project management) with no previous enterprise integration experience.

Improved Quality

Before: ~400 trouble tickets/day (=~ 30K EUR/day), After: 2 - 10 trouble tickets/day (=~750 EUR/day); note that this still held true when Qorus broke the 1M customer barrier in this environment.

Reduced Operational Costs

Spent less than 1/10 the time with manual interventions, leading to a greater than 80% savings in operational costs - this represents the long term value of choosing Qorus Integration Engine.

Increase Throughput

On average 5 times throughput increase for business-critical integration processes.

Reduced Development Costs

Saved more than 95% in development costs due to the ease of Qorus Integration Engine development compared to the initial rollout.

Increased Business Flexibility

Business changes can be implemented in hours or days rather than weeks or months.

Hutchison Drei Austria could have achieved this with another integration platform, but not at this cost, not within this timeframe and budget, and not the achieved simplicity.

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