We can help you decisively resolve all your integration headaches and solve particular pains of your business through our enterprise data & application integration platform designed to dramatically reduce costs and eliminate potential risks. Problems with integration projects can impede current and future business operation, this is why we allow companies to focus on what they do best by removing the complexity from the integration project while having your specific needs and goals in sight. With us you can achieve operational excellence, increase productivity and protect your investment, we are here for you every step of the way.

Order Management

Orchestrating various business processes in enterprises of any magnitude and profile is a daily challenge. Strong customer focus requires highly automated IT solutions with coordinated processes across enterprise IT systems and departments. Efficient integration platform capable of handling the automation in a complex enterprise environment is a necessity with the ever-growing need for agility, faster time to market alongside lowering operating costs. In parallel with digital transformation, enterprises have to accommodate IoT initiatives as well as manage the ecosystem of partnerships and new data privacy regulations to ensure data security, transparency and agile analytics. Efficient integration platform must help enterprises manage, promote and monetize new product/services catalogue with speed, flexibility and scalability to avoid fault-prone outcomes. These business risks are all avoidable with Qore Integration Engine® solution. We can help you integrate complex data & applications at a fraction of the anticipated cost within a significantly reduced timeframe. By harnessing the power of building-block architecture from Qore Technologies, Qorus Integration Engine® orchestrates seamless interworking between high-performing individual applications in an agile development environment. This increases responsiveness to competitive pressures and accelerates standard time-to-market in a low cost, highly automated way.

Operational Excellence: How to?

Telco Order Management

Qore Technologies Order Management Solution is intended mainly for the Telecom segment enterprises with aim to achieve operational excellence through process optimisation, significantly reduced OPEX/CAPEX and rapid time-to-market of their sales & marketing initiatives.


Integration is driving digital transformation for modern enterprises of any magnitude and profile. But it is not only about pilling up new technologies and initiatives; it is about making them work in unison that is key to achieving business excellence and raising productivity. Some of the world’s most renowned enterprises today owe their success to efficient digital transformation and for embracing new technologies and trends (e.g. IoT, Cloud/iPaaS, SaaS, etc…), however we keep hearing about integration as an entirely separate trend, where we actually need to be talking about a necessary symbiosis. We can’t stress enough that there is no successful digital transformation without an efficient integration behind. However this is just the tip of the iceberg of underlying issues and challenges an enterprise faces when embarking on this journey. The ability to connect data & applications with existing IT systems, improve collaboration, perform agile analytics and decrease operational costs in the process sounds like mission impossible for most modern businesses. This was the starting point of Qore Technologies. With extensive experience in solving today’s and tomorrow’s integration challenges for enterprises we have constantly challenged conventional thinking by producing creative, elegant, robust and most of all future-proof solutions for real business needs. Our unique, building-block technology is disrupting the integration market with an effective approach to business process integration, industry-proven to shatter the myth of the quality, time and cost triangle. In a nutshell, we help enterprises deliver data & application integration to accelerate digital transformation and achieve operational excellence, while significantly reducing CAPEX/OPEX and development effort. We can solve ANY integration challenge; let us show what we can do for you.


Problems with data & application integration can impede current and future business operations. We allow companies to focus on what they do best by removing the complexity and risk from enterprise integration, resulting in increased productivity and protected investments. We know every integration project is unique; enterprises of any magnitude and profile are dealing with different challenges with the ultimate goal of achieving business excellence with optimized effort and less strain on resources. Decisively resolve all your integration headaches by choosing our enterprise integration platform designed to dramatically reduce costs and risks. Through our unique, transparent, flexible and fully scalable solution we help enterprises to accelerate digital transformation and achieve operational excellence, while significantly reducing CAPEX/OPEX and development effort. We have accomplished the above by deconstructing traditional enterprise integration platforms and reimagining a solution focused on maximizing overall business value.

Here are some examples on how you can achieve these results with specifically designed features of our product that are directly connected to achieving business excellence in orchestrating business processes to maximize business flexibility and achieve cost optimization with rapid time to market:

▪ Rapid development: from development to deployment operations, our focus on simplicity and reduced development effort results in fewer trouble tickets, reducing operational risks and lowering long-term operating costs.
▪ Operational Excellence: Our Qorus Integration Engine® back-office framework for Data, Process Application & API integration with automatic error handling provides full scalability, reduced order-to-cash cycle and very low costs.
▪ Agile Process Orchestration: Our focus on real automatic error handling of technical errors along with complete operational transparency results in increased business flexibility and resources optimization with high process quality as a result.
▪ Scalable & Future-Proof operations: Designed for maximum business flexibility and tailored to the user’s needs our solution is enabling GDPR, IoT and Industry 4.0-complliant processing.