With our agile and scalable platform we are transforming the world of application & data integration by solving integration challenges with maximized customer business value, with no hidden costs and no additional fees. Designed from the ground up for fault-tolerant operations for enterprise customers, our product features a unique and powerful building-block architecture for easy customization, allowing any IT integration challenge to be solved with ease. A cloud-based iPaaS solution is available as well as on-premise and hybrid ‘best of breed’ installations with extensive support to cover any desired integration scenario.

IoT (Internet of Things)

Close the integration gap between legacy IT and modern IoT systems and connected devices with Qorus Integration Engine® to enable agile and scalable digital transformation and achieve operational excellence. Efficient IoT integration is enabled through the coordination and orchestration of traditional IT systems and IoT devices, events, & applications supporting standard protocols: MQTT, OPC, AMQP, REST, etc… We can connect to IoT devices and events as well as handle interconnectivity between devices in cloud-based iPaaS, on-prem, or hybrid deployments. Qorus Integration Engine® provides a unified overview of processes and analytics for making critical business decisions, while our complete data integration solution with validated master data management preserves data integrity under the highest security standards.


Our platform is designed for complete operational transparency, Continuous Integration, and Continuous Delivery, resulting in higher process quality and dramatically reduced long-term development costs. In addition to being IoT integration-ready our solution can help automate processes to achieve operational excellence and handle automatic technical error handling. These in turn leads to very low operating costs and high process quality, removing the complexity and risk out of integration projects. Additionally GDPR-compliant data integration ensures high quality data integration with validated and scalable master data management guaranteeing an efficient, reliable and low-cost processing in a complex distributed environment.


We are transforming the world of application integration with our flexible and scalable platform designed from the ground up for fault tolerant operations of enterprises. The solution offers a transparent overview of the integration environment, which allows businesses to have complete control over the integration layer and a unified overview with complete data transparency and data security. Rapid configuration-based development and fault-tolerant orchestration of complex integration challenges results in dramatically lower CAPEX and OPEX with a substantial reduction of trouble tickets and enhanced overall process quality. The solution is designed to lower t he development complexity, effort, and risks of enterprise integration. The results of seamless integration of enterprise processes and data with a flexible, scalable, and transparent integration platform are improved business efficiency,, enhanced business agility, lower costs, and high process quality.


Our solution performs high-quality data integration with validated and scalable master data management, ensuring secure, efficient, reliable and low-cost processing in a complex distributed environment. Performing integration and analysis of data from various systems (e.g. on processes, customers, product, resources and employees) has never been easier. The ultimate goal is analytic process improvement for making critical business decisions. Through our unique building block integration architecture we guarantee you will establish connections between departments, sectors, sales, marketing and support chains, in no time. Improved collaboration, coordination and transparency are key to achieving operational excellence and for eliminating manual interventions common for siloed business processes.


Qorus Integration Engine® streamlines the integration and management of applications and IT systems, enabling the automation of critical processes to work together seamlessly to enhance business agility and decrease costs. Due to our unique building-block design, our platform is able to automate very complex data & applications flows with very fast time-to-market and significantly reduced development resources and costs compared to the competition. Real automatic error handling and recovery from technical errors in business process orchestration results in very low operating costs with very high process quality. The result is an agile business with low development and operating costs.
With our platform you can:
▪ Eliminate customer-visible problems related to the integration layer while improving process quality and reducing costs>
▪ Enhance business efficiency with an integration platform designed for complete operational transparency and excellence
▪ Improve business’s bottom line through rapid & low-cost development of automated solutions for monetizing sales & marketing initiatives.