Qore Technologies has deconstructed traditional enterprise integration platforms and reimagined a solution focused on maximizing overall business value.

Lightweight microservice-based integration platform based on leading-edge technology designed to reduce complexity and risk in enterprise software development. It has been designed in collaboration with large enterprises to meet real process integration needs across large geographically-distributed organizations. A focus on increasing essential business execution speed and reducing operational costs resulted in a robust microservice platform proven to shorten time to market and improve business flexibility while reducing costs.

Rapid development

  • Leverage strong microservice lifecycle management to reduce costs and improve service quality.

  • Shorten time to market, maintain and extend your competitive advantage with more IT flexibility.

  • Minimize time to deployment to maximize business flexibility.

  • Significantly reduce operational costs and time and resources needed for development.

  • Qorus integration engine provides enterprise scalability, quick time to market, reduced risk, and very low costs.

QORUS Integration Engine

Simplify productivity

Comprehensive Focus on Simplicity - From development to deployment to operations, our focus on simplicity takes the risk out of complex integration projects

Microservice integration platform

Connect all applications and databases within and across large organizations and external partners.

Fault-Tolerant Operations

Rapid development still results in transparent fault-tolerant results supporting Continuous Delivery and DevOps.

Industry 4.0

Real bidirectional communication between traditional IT and industrial applications.


Qorus has been updated to allow sensitive data and metadata to be stored with strong encryption and only accessed by authorized users.


Qore Technologies provides high-quality support for Qorus Integration Engine; we support mission-critical deployments in global microservice-based integration environments to ensure maximum business flexibility through rapid development and low operating costs and high processing quality through reliable, fault-tolerant operations.

Support contracts are available on an affordable subscription basis, which gives our customers access to the enterprise releases of our software with the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that it's supported directly by highly specialized Level 3 and 4 core engineering staff, made up of expert, motivated, and responsive engineers.

Ensuring quality results for our customers with our software is our primary goal.

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