Qore Technologies teams up with Axonize to launch a disruptive solution for harvesting IoT profitability

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Prague, September 12th — Qore Technologies, the top-rated digital process automation (DPA) platform provider, today announced a strategic partnership with Axonize, a leading IoT service provider, to launch a joint solution for harvesting the profitability and accelerating the RoI of IoT initiatives. The solution aims to empower and accelerate digital transformation, helping enterprises to effortlessly automate their business operations and empower customers.

This partnership between Qore Technologies and Axonize enables enterprises globally to accelerate digital transformation and significantly scale their operations through IoT-driven business process automation. The result is a unique solution combining digital automation power and control through IoT driven cross-application orchestration with unbeatable delivery times and seamless IT integration even in the most complex IT/IoT scenarios.

 “We are very happy to partner with Qore Technologies as our solutions – combined – are both visionary and extremely practical,” said Janiv Ratson, CEO at Axonize “This will surely have a disruptive impact on how our enterprise customers perceive and interact with IoT business initiatives moving forward. The main advantage of this integration is that it enables forward-looking organizations to start realizing their IoT business potential, today, through enhanced profitability, scalability and rapid RoI,”

This partnership presents an innovative and agile way for Qore Technologies and Axonize to empower global enterprise segment with the best-in-class technological solution:

 “At Qore Technologies, we continually strive to power enterprises with ways to become more profitable and gain a competitive edge, by always challenging the status quo and enabling dynamic new business models” added David Nichols, CEO of Qore Technologies. “In this spirit, not only instigating – but actually delivering the change – as a customizable ‘out-of-the-box’ solution, was the starting point of our synergy with Axonize. Combined, we have a unique solution in the global market that can actually deliver on the promise of digital transformation, which currently no other competitor can offer.  The strength of our ‘plug-n-play’ IoT & process automation solution is that it is both easily integrated and scalable for enterprises of any size.

At Qore Technologies, we continually strive to power enterprises with ways to become more profitable and gain a competitive edge, by always challenging the status quo and enabling dynamic new business models

Benefits include:
  • Higher success rate of digital transformation projects
  • Improved business scalability through automation
  • Significant operational costs reduction
  • Streamlined IT/back-office
  • A competitive edge in a highly competitive market
About Qore Technologies

Qore Technologies is an innovative technology company empowering enterprises to continuously scale and improve their business operations. Through our creative, elegant, robust and scalable digital process automation (DPA) platform we have achieved enterprise class performance and consumer-like ease of use, helping enterprises achieve operational excellence and significantly reduce operational costs through benefits of IoT-driven digital process automation.  

For more information visit: www.qoretechnologies.com

About Axonize

Axonize offers an IoT orchestration platform purpose-built to provide speed and scale for service providers and facility managers developing and managing IoT applications and smart buildings. Based on a unique multi-application architecture that requires configuration rather than development, launching a full-fledged IoT project on Axonize requires only days, not months, and yields high RoI.

For more information visit: www.axonize.com

Qore Technologies PR/Media Contact: 

Natasa Peric, CMO

Email: natasa.peric@qoretechnologies.com

 Axonize PR/Media Contact:

Donna Perlstein, Marketing VP

Email: donnap@axonize.com

SOURCE: Qore Technologies LLC

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