Power of Partnership: AWS selected Qore Technologies as a key Technology Partner

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Qore Technologies teams with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to improve the quality, stability and security of Qore Technologies’ iPaaS integration platform.
Qore Technologies is among the few technology vendors that have joined APN with a fully digital integration offering for enterprises.

Prague, Czech Republic, MAR 28th 2019 – Qore Technologies, provider of a leading enterprise integration platform, today announced their cooperation with Amazon Web Services (AWS), allowing Qore Technologies to enable agile digital transformation in the cloud and offer more stability, speed and data security to enterprise customers through the latest release of their integration platform: Qorus Integration Engine® 4.0

For Qore Technologies, the benefits of this relationship with Amazon Web Services are clear:

  • Security of data: Data security is a priority for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and their customers; By choosing Amazon Web Services Qore Technologies gets the benefit of a secure cloud network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.
  • Speed: Amazon Web Services’ international availability zones will help Qore Technologies operate faster and enable more efficient integration options.
  • Availability & Stability: Amazon Web Services’ robust cloud infrastructure brings unparalleled operational stability while relieving customers of operational headaches.

As an AWS’ Network Technology Partner, Qore Technologies solution provides a fully digital and agile enterprise integration platform that enables fault tolerant business process orchestration solution for a very low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), on the basis of AWS’ cloud solutions portfolio.

Through the membership in the AWS’ Partner Network, Qore Technologies will be able to provide a cloud-based digital transformation for the enterprise market on Amazon AWS’ scalable and reliable iPaaS platform, supported by comprehensive business, technical, marketing and Go-To-Market APN support.

According to David Nichols, CEO of Qore Technologies: “ I am thrilled that Qore Technologies has begun this relationship with Amazon Web Services because it will allow us to provide better, faster and more secure services to enterprises.“

Working with Amazon Web Services is another important step in the global expansion of Qore Technologies to allow customers all over the world to take advantage of Qore Technologies’ low-cost and efficient enterprise integration solution, supporting fault-tolerant business process orchestration, a critical component for any enterprise’ success.” Nichols adds.

About Qore Technologies:

 Qore Technologies is an innovative technology company focused on solving today’s and tomorrow’s integration challenges for enterprises. Through our creative, elegant, robust and scalable integration platform we help enterprises perform data & application integration to accelerate digital transformation and achieve operational excellence, while significantly reducing CAPEX/OPEX and development effort. Our unique, building-block solution can solve ANY integration challenge, industry-proven to shatter the myth of the quality, time and cost triangle.

Qore Technologies clients have reported on average:

  • 100% higher process reliability
  • 75% reduced development time
  • 300% scaled operations with no additional headcount

Qorus Integration Engine® 4.0 is designed from the ground up for operational excellence and fault-tolerant business process orchestration in IoT. Available in the cloud as an iPaaS solution, on-premise or also in hybrid ‘best of breed’ deployments, it features a powerful no-code/low-code building block architecture for easy customization and deployment, accelerating the growth of fast-paced enterprises at a very low cost.

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