Qore XmlRpcConnection Module Reference  1.3

Introduction to the XmlRpcConnection Module

The XmlRpcConnection module provides an XML-RPC client connection definition for the ConnectionProvider module in Qore.

To use this module, use "%requires XmlRpcConnection" in your code.

This module automatically uses the xml binary module.

All the public symbols in the module are defined in the XmlRpcConnection namespace.

Currently the module provides the following classes:

XmlRpcConnection Module Release History

XmlRpcConnection v1.3

  • removed the obsolete XmlRpcConnection::getConstructorInfo() method as connection serialization is a much more elegant and maintainable solution (issue 3696)

XmlRpcConnection v1.2

  • new AbstractConnection infrastructure

XmlRpcConnection v1.1

  • the XmlRpcConnection::getConstructorInfo() method was added to allow connections to be created dynamically, potentially in another process from a network call (issue 2628)

XmlRpcConnection v1.0.1

XmlRpcConnection v1.0