Qore jni Module  1.2.0
org.qore.lang.qunit.AbstractTestResult Class Reference

The base class for test results. More...

Inheritance diagram for org.qore.lang.qunit.AbstractTestResult:
org.qore.jni.QoreObjectWrapper org.qore.lang.qunit.TestResultExceptionDetail org.qore.lang.qunit.TestResultExceptionRegexp org.qore.lang.qunit.TestResultExceptionSubstring org.qore.lang.qunit.TestResultExceptionType org.qore.lang.qunit.TestResultFailure org.qore.lang.qunit.TestResultSuccess org.qore.lang.qunit.TestResultValue

Public Member Methods

boolean equals (AbstractTestResult r) throws Throwable
 compare two results for equality
String toString ()
 returns a string reprensentation of the result
- Public Member Methods inherited from org.qore.jni.QoreObjectWrapper
 QoreObjectWrapper (QoreObject obj)
 creates the wrapper object with the Qore object
void release ()
 releases the Qore object; do not call any further methods on the object after this call
QoreObject getQoreObject ()
 returns the Qore object
String className ()
 returns the class name for the Qore object
boolean instanceOf (String class_name)
 returns true if the object is an instance of the given class

Private Member Methods

 AbstractTestResult (QoreObject obj) throws Throwable
 creates the object based on the given Qore object

Additional Inherited Members

- Private Attributes inherited from org.qore.jni.QoreObjectWrapper
QoreObject obj
 the wrapper Qore object

Detailed Description

The base class for test results.

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