Qorus Integration Engine®  4.0.3_git

Introduction to the QorusInterfaceTest Module

The QorusInterfaceTest module provides functionality for automatic testing; it is based on the QUnit module from Qore.

Currently the module provides the following classes:

To use this module, use "%requires QorusInterfaceTest" in your code.


class MyJobTest inherits QorusJobTest {
constructor() : QorusJobTest("my-job", "1.0", \ARGV) {
addTestCase("my-test-1, \test1());
test1() {
exec(new CreateFileText(input_filename, file_content));
exec(new RunJobResult(OMQ::StatComplete));

How to run tests

Make sure your scripts have the executable bit set (on UNIX systems) and an appropriate hash-bang as the first line (ex: "#!/usr/bin/env qr" or "#!/usr/bin/env qore".

If your script's name is test.qtest, then The following command should execute the script:

    test.qtest [OPTIONS]

See QorusInterfaceTest module in Qore for options, output formats and further details.

Release Notes

Version 1.1

Version 1.0.1

  • minor adjustment to FindOrderByKey::run() for an info service key search method fix (a href="https://bugs.qoretechnologies.com/issues/2108">issue 2108)

Version 1.0

  • initial version of module