Qorus Integration Engine®  4.0.3_git
SQL Object Cache API

Introduction to Development with the SQL Object Cache

Using the SqlUtil module for DML is recommended for the following reasons:

  • the SQL generated is database-independent
  • database-specific optimizations can be automatically employed by SqlUtil without requiring programming expertise for the specific database being used
  • dynamic SQL can be eliminated and therefore the database server's SQL statement cache can be used more efficiently (if applicable)
  • SQL injection attacks can be prevented

To perform DML using the SqlUtil module, an AbstractTable object must be acquired; Qorus implements an SQL object cache for AbstractTable objects for DML to allow for efficient sharing of these objects, since the creation of an AbstractTable object is expensive in terms of CPU time and I/O bandwidth (many server round-trips are performed to query the server's data dictionary about the table's structure and associated attributes such as indexes, constraints, etc).

See also
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SQL Object Cache Function List