Qorus Integration Engine®  3.1.1.p9
Common Client Server API

Introduction to the Common API

This documents non-deprecated common functions, classes, and constants available in all server contexts (workflow, service, and job code) as well as in the client library.

The following is a list of non-deprecated common utility functions:

  • omqsleep(): pauses for a given number of seconds (alias for sleep())
  • omqusleep(): pauses for a given number of microseconds (alias for usleep())
  • remove_from_list(): uses the select operator to remove all occurences of a value from a list
  • xml_change_encoding(): returns a string with the XML encoding name changed to that given as an argument
  • xml_get_encoding(): returns the XML encoding name given in the string (not the actual string encoding, which may be different)

Deprecated functions (due to support for dynamic SQL, camel-case names, etc):