Let’s talk Enterprise Integration

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Did you know that efficient integration is imperative to successful digital transformation?

The ability to connect data & applications with existing IT systems, improve collaboration, perform agile analytics and decrease operational costs in the process sounds like mission impossible for most modern enterprises – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg of underlying issues and challenges an enterprise faces when embarking on this journey.

Let’s talk about Enterprise Integration and how to solve the most common challenges an enterprise of any magnitude and profile is, or will be facing in the near future:

Market data shows that business trends are moving toward digital transformation initiatives in 2019. – in effort to achieve higher process automation, lower the OPEX/CAPEX costs and accelerate time-to-market, as main success criteria.

All major analysts predict that by 2020. enterprises will increasingly utilise integration initiatives to blend modern technology trends, such as IoT, with their static legacy IT processes. 

Only by performing digital transformation through agile integration solution, will enterprises achieve operational excellence, bridging the gap between traditional ‘swivel chair’ business operations and ever increasing customer demand for speed, agility and more modern products /services offering.

Integration is what’s driving digital transformation for modern enterprises of any magnitude and profile. But it is not only about pilling up new technologies and initiatives; it is about making them work in unison that is key to achieving business excellence and raising productivity.

Some of the world’s most renowned enterprises today owe their success to efficient digital transformation and for embracing new technologies and trends (e.g. IoT, Cloud/iPaaS, SaaS, etc…), however we keep hearing about integration as an entirely separate trend, where we actually need to be talking about a necessary symbiosis. We can’t stress enough that there is no successful digital transformation without an efficient integration platform behind. Qore Technologies enterprise integration platform can help modern enterprises to connect data & applications with existing IT systems, improve collaboration, perform agile analytics and decrease operational costs in the process.

This was the starting point in developing the new features of Qorus Integration Engine ® 4.0 as a complete enterprise-level integration solution. We’ve asked ourselves: How to solve these issues? How to facilitate Integration projects that are faster, reliable, scalable and easy-to-deploy?

Today, having an extensive experience in solving today’s and tomorrow’s integration challenges for enterprises we are constantly challenging conventional thinking by producing a creative, elegant, robust and most of all future-proof solution for real business needs. Our unique, building-block technology is disrupting the integration market with an effective approach to business process integration, industry-proven to shatter the myth of the quality, time and cost triangle.

In a nutshell, we help enterprises deliver data & application integration to accelerate digital transformation and achieve operational excellence, while significantly reducing CAPEX/OPEX and development effort.

We can say with confidence that we CAN solve ANY integration challenge; Let us show what we can do for you!

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