how Enhanced Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Empowers Citizen Integrators To Drive Enterprise Business Success

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We’re excited to announce the release of Qorus Integration Engine® version 4.1 with great new features and enhancements. We’ll go over the key changes to explain what they mean for our enterprise users, and how these changes continue to raise the bar in reducing the risk and costs of IT integration while improving business scalability.  


You’ll want to check out our revolutionary new IDE, reflecting our efforts to improve the user experience and empower citizen integrators/business users by stressing configuration over coding.  

Qorus 4.1 offers low-code/no-code development with user-friendly drag-and-drop support. This directly empowers non-expert users to create sophisticated enterprise integration solutions without coding. When citizen integrators take a leading role in It integration and automation solutions, this allows for IT to be in direct reach of the business users that it serves, resulting in more business flexibility and lower costs.

With Qorus version 4.1 we give organizations the best of both worlds: enhancing business agility with internal control of integration environment, by empowering non-expert users to accelerate the pace of business through the innovative and rapid creation of the IT automation solutions they need.


Projects that took ages to complete with dozens of expensive expert developers, can now be done in a matter of days – or even hours. This radical approach enables the democratization of the integration environment and directly empowers our customers, returning the ownership of the IT/OT integration architecture to the business units it serves. This new approach increases agility and business scalability as well as the empowerment of business stakeholders through efficient automation.


With Qorus Integration Engine 4.1 IT/OT/IoT integration and automation can be deployed quickly and easily – in cloud (iPaaS), on-prem or hybrid deployment scenarios. What’s more, the new version is simple and efficient due to its enhanced IDE, enabling easy customization tailored to specific business needs.

 Qorus 4.1 brings a new era of productivity and automation for enterprises, making businesses more agile, responsive and scalable by providing a reliable platform for profitable growth by removing unanticipated costs, risks and long project timelines from the equation.


The democratization of advanced integration functionality brings many benefits while eliminating unanticipated costs and risk – but not without raising many questions. In our previous posts we’ve tried answering some of the most common questions on the shortcomings of legacy solutions, main security and risks concerns, digital transformation know-how, GDPR and privacy compliance, and other… to help you get a better handle on your digital transformation projects, however new questions emerged:

  • Will empowering citizen integrators to build their own integrations and automation workflows unleash a new set of process control issues for enterprises?
  • Will non-expert programing be full of errors?
  • Will the democratization of advanced integration functionality cause more issues for IT management?
  • Will it cause more failures than success of digital transformation projects?

Our answer to all of the above questions is NO.

Qorus 4.1 provides enterprises and business-users / citizen integrators with a powerful tool to achieve synergetic collaboration and rapid time to market of sales and marketing initiatives. Read on to see how we make this happen.


Qorus Integration Engine® 4.1 empowers citizen integrators / non-expert users/ business users to fully own and manage their integration environment through enhanced IDE features, without risk to the organization’s IT efficiency and business goals.

We enable this by providing a solid and efficient platform that supports a wide range of use cases and interaction patterns through our building block architecture that enables high-level stability through fault-tolerant process orchestration and unparalleled security through our multi-tenant architecture and GDPR-compliant processing throughout the enterprise.

Qorus 4.1 gives organizations the flexibility to choose and apply the features that work best for them, without the need for extensive 3rd party development and expensive consultants. This means simple yet efficient access to projects or parts of projects using role-based access controls, building process workflows through an extensive building block library and the associated easy customization to handle specific requests and business scenarios. Furthermore, configuration was never easier thanks to Qorus’s enhanced IDE features bringing structure and control to the development of IT integration solutions and process automation workflows.


Let’s take a deeper look at what’s in store for our latest release of
Qorus Integration Engine® version 4.1:

Qorus Integration Engine 4.0 paved the way for a brand-new IDE functionality through efficient management of integration environment through our building block architecture. Here’s a small reminder of Qorus 4.0 features.

SIMPLY MAGICAL! The fastest and simplest way to take control of your integration environment

The new, open source IDE empowers non-experts / citizen integrators to deliver sophisticated fault-tolerant and transaction-safe enterprise integration solutions with high operational reliability and a very low total cost of ownership (TCO).

A simple, open source, more modern and enhanced version of the Qorus Integration Engine IDE – without the need for coding. In the creation of new enterprise integration solutions, Qorus 4.1 is based on an enhanced IDE, using the Qorus 4.0 framework consisting of building blocks for fault-tolerant automation, simplifying development and improving user experience.


DESIGNED TO EMPOWER USERS: Everything you need – a mouse-click away

Qorus Integration Engine® is already hard at work in the backend of EU top enterprises enabling day-to-day processing of mission-critical integration solutions for over 52 million users. If you would like to develop solutions on Qorus you can get started today by downloading the Qorus for developers (for non-production environment) from the link given above. 

We felt it was very important to maintain the continuity and enhance the usability for non-expert users. For this reason, Qorus 4.1 is a superset of version 4.0 with the enhanced support for enterprise IDE functionality that you are already familiar with. The main difference being that the new version provides enterprise users with an advanced all-in-one integrated development environment released in the MS Visual Studio Code Marketplace.


Qorus Integration Engine® 4.1 provides a completely open and versatile IDE platform for creating, maintaining and extending building blocks as generic reusable solution components. This allows customers and partners to solve technical problems once – resulting in lower costs and increased control over the integration environment. In short, Qorus Integration Engine® allows for complete integration releases to be created, updated and managed much easier than ever before.

The latest release also includes:

Greatly enhanced IDE (released in MS Visual Studio Code Marketplace) allowing:

      • Building block creation and editing – eliminating the need for custom development
      • Combining and extending existing building blocks
      • Deploying and packaging releases made up of reusable user-controlled building-blocks and other integration components
      • Reliable, fault-tolerant/transaction-safe automation – eliminating the need for manual interventions in operations.

The new IDE provides support for creating, editing, and deleting the following Qorus Integration Engine® interface objects, and much more:

      • Workflows
      • Services
      • Jobs
      • Steps
      • Groups
      • Events
      • Queues
      • Mappers
      • Connections

The integrated Data Provider API ubiquitously powering data transformation objects enables:

      • Any protocol, technology or system to be introspected and interfaced, including record-based and request-reply protocols.
      • Facilitating rapid drag-n-drop/point-and-click configuration of sophisticated interfaces by non-expert users
      • Creating complete high-performance integration solutions without requiring knowledge of the connected APIs, systems, or technologies

The Data Provider API provides introspection/transparency and data integration support for:

      • REST APIs based on Swagger/Open API schemas (request-reply)
      • SOAP (request-reply)
      • Databases (record-based)
      • Remote Databases (record-based)
      • SalesForce (record-based)
      • CSV and generic structured data files
      • Fixed lengths files (including complex multi-record files)
      • And so much more…


Feature Enhancements also include:
      • Very efficient operations with high data volumes bulk data APIs
      • Data structure management (and type hierarchies) for type-safe interfacing
      • Record creation, reading, updating and eletion in addition to searching, upserting (i.e. merging / atomic “create or update” operations) and atomic operations / transactions and more
      • Sophisticated searching regardless of the data source (ex: a data provider configuration provided for CSV input allows for a generic search to be applied to a CSV file the same as for a DB table for example)
      • Much improved Unicode support: Qorus Integration Engine® 4.1 supports the full Unicode character set for interface names, meaning that interfaces can have names and descriptions in Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, and any other character set supported by unicode.
      • Improved Java Support (Java support has been updated to Java 11)
      • Comprehensive Dashboard – Easier on the eye!


We’ve been making an extensive effort to improve the UX of our solution by giving users the choices that fit their way of working while keeping constant track with ever evolving business needs. Qorus Integration Engine 4.1 builds on the previous versions to constantly bring something new and enable practical innovation – we are excited to share this news with you and look forward to your feedback!

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