FinancesOnline Awards Qore Technologies as a Rising Star with Premium UX in Digital Process Automation Solutions Category

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As the enterprise segment continues to evolve, and with growing interest in digital transformation and IoT initiatives, as a mean to achieve a competitive edge, across industries, we believe Qore Technologies can not only help organizations to keep up with the modern trends but is also uniquely positioned to solve one of the biggest back-office and IT challenges organizations are currently facing: the need to structure, manage and automate their processes streams for enabling business at scale.

But we are not the only ones who believe our product is the best in its class!

With an unparalleled user satisfaction rating reflecting an unrelenting commitment to quality, Qorus Integration Engine® was awarded the “Premium Usability 2019” as well as the “Rising Star 2020” awards for the quality and affordability of their enterprise solution – making it a great option for organizations looking to optimize and scale their business without extreme investments and risk to embrace digital transformation.

Recognizing the benefits that Qore Technologies provides to enterprise customers and our uncompromising commitment to quality in our software solution FinancesOnline awarded us with “Premium Usability“ and “Rising Star” awards, reflecting very high rating scores versus the competition, shortly after our review went live on their portal.
In addition, inclusion in FinancesOnline’s list of most efficient Enterprise Business Process Management solutions serves as a testimony that Qore Technologies can solve key problems businesses face today at a high quality, with quick time-to-market, and at a reasonable price. 
We achieve this by giving organizations direct ownership over the IT automation and integration solution, eliminating the risk and long lead times for IT integration and digital transformation projects along as well as eliminating the need for expensive consultants. 
By using our unique building-block approach, users are able to build processes as simple as playing with “Legos”, and they can rest assured that the process will run efficiently throughout the enterprise integration landscape, without the need for expensive and time-consuming manual interventions due to unavoidable technical problems.  Our system’s ability to automatically recognize and recover from technical errors is THE feature that earned us a stellar Premium Usability award. The accolade demonstrates the continuous perseverance we strive for in order to provide an excellent user experience throughout our product
Our dedication to usability, automation, self-service and providing tangible business value had helped us earn this recognition and will continue to guide our product and customer success roadmap moving forward. 
These awards add to the great news and recognition Qore Technologies had received recently. We’ve received major praise from influential tech communities across the globe for our innovation, user experience and growth trajectory.  We are constantly pushing the boundaries of the Enterprise Business Process Management (BPM) segment and gaining international traction with our IoT Driven Digital Process Automation (DPA) solution.

If you are not familiar with what we do and how do these rewards reflect in real-life scenarios, the next paragraph puts it into context:

Digital transformation projects are growing at a rapid pace, but more than 60% of these projects are failing. Qore Technologies offers enterprises the tool to reduce costs and risks while managing every aspect of their IT processing: finance, billing, accounting, HR, order management, SCM (Supply Chain Management), Logistics, inventory, regulatory compliance, procurement and more…


Over the past year, we’ve helped our customers achieve the following:

  • Stay well ahead of the competition with a sharp competitive edge
  • Work more efficiently and silo-free throughout the organization
  • Get valuable insights for faster, more accurate decision making
  • Achieve extreme OPEX/CAPEX savings
  • Reach revenue targets, faster.
  • Take full control of their processing environment
  • Enable rapid time to market of their new product & service offerings
  • Increase their customer retention and satisfaction scores

Digital transformation, through real-world IoT events is effortlessly done with the help of Qorus Integration Engine® and helps build a competitive advantage for medium to large enterprises in the following way:

  • Qore’s unique modular approach to process building, allows democratization and internal ownership of an enterprise integration solution.
  • Real-world IoT-driven digital transformation capabilities enable a competitive edge
  • Quick implementation and process setup times enable rapid time to market for clients that wish to go live with the new products and services, instantly.
  • The large number of native integrations along with extensive API connectivity capacity allow users to extend the power of their IT and automate company processes easily
  • The user-friendly dashboard gives a full overview and management of processes in a single UI, with features as e.g. monetary cost savings per process in any given currency, allowing customers better overview as well as faster and more accurate decision making.

Other notable features include fault-tolerant automation – the system’s ability to detect and recover from technical errors without the need for manual triage and efficient IT/OT/IoT back-office integration.

We’d like to express our sincere gratitude to the Finances Online team and their network of expert users for recognizing our efforts to bring value and enhance the quality of our platform through efficient IT process orchestration, and bridging the IT/OT/IoT integration gap through our IoT-Driven Digital Process Automation (DPA). This makes us all the more inspired to continue our efforts in evangelizing the enterprise segment on how to achieve a competitive edge and scale their business through operational efficiency AND decrease their OPEX/CAPEX at the same time.

Last but not least, we are grateful to our amazing customers and partners who use and test our platform daily – that are the ones that constantly use our platform and test every new feature, development, update or new UI control and view we add, making sure that each element is really useful and user-friendly; Thanks to them we can proudly accept the “Premium Usability 2019” award!

We are incredibly proud of what we are achieving at Qore Technologies in 2019 and this latest honor comes as a perfect finish to a busy year, giving us another reason to celebrate and look forward to the beginning of a new decade.

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