FinancesOnline Awards Qore Technologies as a Rising Star with Premium UX in Digital Process Automation Solutions Category

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December 4th 2019 - FinancesOnline, a leading business software review platform for the global B2B technology market, has recently awarded Qore Technologies with not one - but two relevant recognitions in the Enterprise Business Segment. We couldn’t be prouder to announce that our product, Qorus Integration Engine®, was chosen as the winner of 2019 Expert’s Choice Awards, in two major categories:

FinancesOnline lauded the Qore Technologies platform for helping enterprises perform successful digital transformation projects through fault-tolerant automation of their IT process and real IT/OT/IoT integration for raising business efficiency and significantly reducing operational costs at the same time. Furthermore, Qorus Integration Engine® was also touted as an “ideal” process automation platform due to its unique fault-tolerant automation features and elegant building-block design for facilitating easy process orchestration, which can be performed even by non-expert users.

For us in Qore Technologies, these accolades only reflect the success of Qorus as a digital process automation solution, proving that the software design and ease of use have impressed not only our enterprise customers but market experts equally.

The rankings didn’t stop there, as Qore Technologies catapulted right into the distinguished list of leading enterprise software solutions, joining other long-time, big-named players in the market. With a high user rating, we’ve also earned a high position among FinancesOnline’s “Top Business Process Management Solutions”.

This additional recognition shows that Qore Technologies continues to be a gold standard in the world of process automation and IT/OT/IoT integration due to our solution’s well-thought-out functionality that helps enterprises to take control and easily manage their IT processes.

To help decision makers find the best tools for their organizations, FinancesOnline’s experts and users do a thorough review of each solution, from a technical as well as business standpoint, prior to recommending the solution in question through placement in their review portal. Some of the specific criteria that the review team takes into account, when ranking the solutions, are:

  • Technical details and features
  • Problems the solution can solve for organizations
  • Comparison of the solution in question vs other products of the segment
  • Security compliance
  • Customer support
  • User experience

According to Finances Online, “The best part of Qorus is that users can setup their own, fully automated, processes, throughout an organization, even if they don’t have an extensive technical knowledge, thus effectively eliminating the barriers to smooth IT integration and efficient process orchestration.”

“This is why many international enterprises from various industry segments find this solution so attractive to help them perform digital transformation and achieve a critical competitive edge.” wrote FinancesOnline. “The solution can be successfully used by enterprises in any vertical to decrease operational costs, boost user engagement, increase customer retention and grow revenue through rapid time to market of new product and service offerings.” FinanceOnline’s expert added. 

By clicking here you can go directly to FinanceOnline’s Qorus Integration Engine® review page.

We cordially invite you to check out our award-winning features, praised by FinancesOnline and experience our iPaaS solution first-hand through our Cloud partner’s Qorus Integration Engine® FREE TRIAL:

  1. Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  2. Microsoft Azure

We hope you will support us by visiting our review page at, after your trial has ended, and post your review.

If you are curious to learn more about Qorus Integration Engine® and see first-hand how our process automation features and building-blocks design bring value to the enterprise business, feel free to book a FREE DEMO or contact us directly, we’d love to hear from you!

Thank you for your support and here’s to another amazing year, we can’t wait to show you what’s in store for 2020!

About Finances Online awards

Finances Online give this award to new iPaaS and SaaS products / solution providers that have recently entered the market but are already becoming increasingly popular in their respective segments of the market and are currently getting very good traction with the customers, being perceived as a solution that’s very efficient and excelling at solving the myriad of problems that users are faced with worldwide.

This award is granted to products that offer outstanding usability with especially high user experience ratings. Finances Online tech teams and UX experts evaluate how easy and intuitive it is to start using the product, the quality of its UI design and its features.

This is the most tangible proof of the quality of the product and the efforts placed in delivering a truly useful and user-friendly product.

About Finances Online

FinancesOnline is the fastest growing independent software review platform with the mission to help business owners find the best software to fit their needs, and to provide vendors with an effective way to find potential clients. Each review is prepared by a team of experts who do their best to create a comprehensive and unbiased overview of the software discussed. In addition to every FinancesOnline review, the journalists publish extensive guides, market analysis and software comparisons to give the readers an insight into the SaaS and iPaaS market.


About Qore Technologies

Qore Technologies is an innovative technology company empowering enterprises to continuously scale and improve their business operations. Through our creative, elegant, robust and scalable digital process automation (DPA) enterprise solution we have achieved enterprise-class performance and consumer-like ease of use, helping enterprises achieve operational excellence and significantly reduce operational costs through harvesting the benefits IoT-driven digital transformation.

About the product

Qorus Integration Engine® easily adapts to the evolving needs of organizations and their customers, resulting in increased efficiency, productivity and cost savings. Designed from the ground up for fault-tolerant business process orchestration in IoT, solution features a powerful building block architecture with zero-touch production for easy customization and deployment, accelerating the growth of fast-paced organizations in an agile, affordable and scalable manner.


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