Telecom Provisioning

Due to high support and maintenance costs, Hutchison 3G Austria initiated a project to replace their legacy provisioning solution based on Tertio with a solution based on Qorus Integration Engine. Furthermore, this project would apply the same Qorus-centric BSS integration architecture to processes involving OSS systems.

See the following diagram for an overview of the target architecture:


Duration & Team

  • 9 Months: Design to Full Replacement
  • 2 FT Developers

Phased Approach: Reduce Risk

  • Phase 1: Install New Qorus Instance as Primary Provisioning Interface: "PEiQ" (Provisioning Engine in Qorus) Talks to Tertio; upstream systems modified to talk to PEiQ instead of Tertio; Tertio is still doing the real work
  • Phase 2: Remove Tertio entirely; Qorus "PEiQ" communicates directly with OSS Network Elements


The project was an unqualified success:
  • Support and Maintenance costs reduced to a fraction of the those with the legacy supplier
  • Operational costs reduced due to standardization on a platform that ensures operational reliability by design
  • Service levels increased and process status transparency increased
Qorus Integration Engine has been proven to excel as a telecoms provisioning engine in a mission-critical enterprise environment bridging BSS and OSS systems and networks.

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