Qorus Integration Engine is unique in providing an integrated solution focused on reliable and transparent operations for large enterprises. Process automation solutions developed with Qorus Integration Engine provide operational reliability, traceability, and transparency where it's needed most: in your complex integration architecture. All this is provided by the framework itself, with virtually no additional effort for the programmer or designer.

Additionally, Qorus Integration Engine brings flexibility to your integration environment; the unique approach of embedding lightweight code objects in an enterprise-class technical process automation framework designed for automated error handling and process transparency means that you get not only improved process reliability and status/SLA reporting, but also quick turnaround time on new implementations and change requests.

Qorus Integration Engine is a lightweight enterprise-class flexible framework that has been industry-proven to drastically reduce development time, development and operational costs, increase operational transparency while greatly improving operational quality.

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Product Highlights

  • Enterprise Integration Framework: the system itself is responsible for providing status checkpointing, data, resource, and context management, parallel execution, asynchronous processing, etc; features supporting Advanced Error Recoverability and operational transparency are integral to the design of the system and not pushed to programmers or designers; programmers do not write open-ended code, rather they populate attributes of integration objects with code that the system will execute in the correct context
  • Flexible SOA Platform: easily definable modular services act as named API sets and are automatically exported as lightweight web services allowing you to establish governance over your complex SOA architectures
  • Support For Large International Deployments: the RBAC security framework and the ability to restrict users to access only certain data and/or process information enables Qorus to be deployed in large international environments with multiple operations teams in a single server instance; access can be granted or revoked to functionality and data or data groups as desired
  • Live Upgrades: workflows and services can be upgraded without any service interruption
  • System GUI: provides complete control of the system, including status reporting from overviews down to detailed information on single messages, workflow and service configuration, system options, and more (runs on Windows clients)
  • Qore Programming Language: provides database integration, network protocol support, transaction management, exception handling, TIBCO messaging support, and much more from a flexible language designed for rapid prototyping and development of enterprise integration code. Qore is the embedded enabling technology behind Qorus Integration Engine and has been released as an open-source project: http://qore.org
  • Java Integration: integration with a JVM means that Java APIs can be used when needed
The key to Qorus' success is its focus on operations.
Qorus External Architecture