Focus On Operations

We believe that the only important measure of an integration system's worth in an enterprise is how it works in operations.

Qorus Integration Engine's operational focus means that the entire system was designed with the business and technical operations teams as the primary focus.

For this reason, Qorus Integration Engine supports the development of highly automated integration tasks, that can be executed to completion despite temporary network or application outages — without the need for manual intervention. Additionally, complete system transparency is provided, from workflow and service metadata, to actual source code, to data processing status, from overviews down to status reporting on individual messages.

The Qorus Integration Engine framework does all the hard work for you: tracking statuses, retrying operations, bringing interfaces to completion despite the various errors that can occur in any complex integrated environment.

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With Qorus Integration Engine's operational focus, your business is more reliable and efficient, and your data is more secure.

Additionally, Qorus Integration Engine meets the following integration challenges with ease.